Welcome LAdy    

I’M ASHLEY, A BUSINESS COACH FOR Entrepreneurs and CREATIVES WHO Are exhausted trying to do everything To Make Their Business Work.

They want someone to show them how to Be Successful So I PARTNER WITH Them TO SIMPLIFY THEIR TO-DO LISt, Provide clarity to their chaos AND CREATE A TAILORED BUSINESS PLAN That Brings Them MORE MONEY In Their Business and More Free Time in Their Life.

As a lifelong creative entrepreneur, I've been a writer, a copywriter and the food editor for a digital platform. I've collaborated on cookbooks, planned events, dabbled in PR and much more. 

I've worked for pennies on the dollar trying to get my name out there. I've sacrificed sleep and free time to give more to my creative projects. I've exhausted myself trying to wear all the hats and oversee every element of my business. And after spending years feeling confused and exhausted trying to make it all work, I finally figured out that I had it wrong the whole time.

That's when I realized I wasn't going to make more money or enjoy the perks of setting my own schedule if I kept trying to be everything and everyone in my business. It was time for a radically different approach to being the boss.

Because Here's The Truth: IF you Really Want Your Business To GROW, You Have to Learn to simplify. 

Here’s what I know about you

You’re an idea person, a creative thinker and a life-long learner. You love gathering information so you’ve always got a podcast cued up on your phone, a pile of books lying next to your bed and twelve tabs sitting open on your computer. You crave independence, flexibility and freedom, which is why you decided to create your own thing instead of punching a clock.

BUT you have your challenges – like what to do with all that information you’re consuming. It’s great stuff but you haven’t figured out how to apply it all to your business. As for all those great ideas? They’re like bright, shiny objects pulling you in different directions – and since you feel the urgency of each one so deeply, you say yes to everything instead of staying focused on what you really need to do to grow.

On top of that, you just can't figure out which strategies are going to stick so you try everything possible to grow your business, and spread yourself too thin to see results from anything. And as you spin and spin trying to figure out which thing will finally bring you more money and success, the doubt creeps in.

That’s when your inner critic asks you if you’ve really got what it takes to run your own business. That's when you start to wonder if it's worth it to put so much time and energy into a business that you can't seem to make work.

I believe you Have what it Takes To MAke Your Business Work.

And I Know You Can MAke more money In Your Business and have more Time Freedom in Your LifE IF You're willing to simplify your approach.


I’d say you’re at a crossroads right now. It’s time to decide if you’re going to keep doing all the things and keep drowning in to-dos while your business growth stalls OR if you're ready to try a new approach to build a thriving, freedom-filled business.

Still here?

Good. That means you’re ready to go all in. It means that you recognize that you have a gift to share. It means that you can’t NOT do the work you do - even when it's hard. You were made for this and the truth is giving up wasn’t ever really an option.

Most importantly, it means that part of you believes there's a better way to build your business. A way that's grounded in simplicity. A way that gets you focusing on strategies that suit your unique skills and business, not someone else's.

I'd love to Share that Approach with you and show you just how Successful your business - and How Great your life - can be. 


When you're ready, let’s connect to chat about your business and how you can achieve the success you desire on a free Discovery Call.

5 Fun Facts*

I don't drink coffee but can't get through the day without a kombucha.

I fell for my husband at a drive-in movie theater. (I've always been a little old school.)

When it comes to TV shows, I'm a serial monogamist. My current crush? Homeland. 

I like sunshine but honestly, I live for rain, which is why I call Portland home.

On my bucket list: an Airstream roadtrip down the California coast.

*Because it's not all business around here.


Professional Bio

Ashley Gartland has been an entrepreneur since the day she graduated college. She is a certified coach who works with entrepreneurs and creatives to help them make more money in their business and find more free time in their life by simplifying the way they do business.

Before launching her coaching practice, Ashley spent a decade working in public relations, magazine publishing, digital publishing and event planning. As a writer, she contributed to high-profile magazines such as O, The Oprah MagazineRunner’s World, Sunset and Prevention and honed her editorial skills at digital media brands including Tasting Table and PureWow. She is also the author of two celebrated cookbooks.

Ashley is passionate about helping women drop the cookie cutter approaches and instead grow their business their way. She is a Certified Life Coach who received her training through The Life Coach School. Ashley lives in Portland Oregon, where she spends her time outside work raising two spirited little girls.