Take a Deep Breath - I've got you    

Every day, successful women entrepreneurs like you tell me they are tired of hustling. They’re tired of feeling like they’re chained to their business (not to mention their phone). They’re tired of putting off self-care for another day. They’re tired of feeling like a one-woman show. They’re tired of constantly spinning on the edge of overwhelm.

And even though their business looks like it’s working from the outside, it’s not actually working for them.

Believe me when I say, I get it. I became an entrepreneur back when I was 23 and have been a food writer, a copywriter and an editor. I’ve collaborated on cookbooks, planned events, worked in PR and launched a coaching practice providing support and mentorship to ambitious women entrepreneurs.

I’ve worked for pennies on the dollar just to get my name out. I’ve sacrificed sleep and ditched hobbies so I could give more to my business. I’ve exhausted myself trying to wear all the hats and oversee every element of my business. And after spending years feeling like the way I was working was holding me back, I finally figured out that I had it wrong the whole time.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t going to make more money, find more fulfillment in my work or enjoy the perks of setting my own schedule if I kept operating in hustle mode. It was time for a radically different approach to being the boss. 

It was time to simplify.

I know you want things in Your Business to be different. 

You want to feel more intentional about how you're growing. You want the big picture plan, and actual time to work toward it. You want a stronger foundation to build on.

You want to clean up the chaos behind the scenes - the chaos that makes you feel a little like a fraud and that holds you back from launching new projects, from becoming a leader in your industry and from experiencing the kind of growth you know is possible. 

BUT you have your challenges – like figuring out how to get to the big picture stuff and grow without adding more things onto your (very full) plate or requiring more sacrifices in your life. Because while doing less sounds great, it feels completely counterintuitive to how you've operated in your business so far.

And, if you're being honest, simplifying your business doesn't sound like a sexy growth strategy, like launching a passive income product or creating fun new content or getting to any of those bright, shiny projects that are waiting for you on your idea list. 

Simplifying just sounds like more work. 


Simplifying Might not Seem Sexy But It Works.

And if you let me help you uncomplicate your business, we will Create Plenty of Space For The Fun, Big Picture Stuff AND Get you More Growth, fulfillment and freedom.  

So I’d say you’re at a crossroads right now. You can keep doing all the things and keep drowning in to-dos while your business growth stalls and your quality of life suffers. OR you could try a new approach - a simpler approach.


Still here?

Good. That means you’re ready to do the work. It means that you see the potential for your business and know that you can't keep doing the same things if you want different results. Most importantly, it means that you believe there's a better way to build your business. 

I'd love to Share that Approach with you and show you just how Successful your business - and How Great your life - can be. 

When you're ready, let’s chat about your business and how simplifying can work for you on a free Discovery Call.

5 Fun Facts*

I don't like coffee but can't get through the day without a kombucha.

I fell for my husband at a drive-in movie theater. (I've always been a little old school.)

When it comes to TV shows, I'm a serial monogamist. My current crush? Throwback episodes of Will & Grace. 

I like sunshine but honestly, I live for rain, which is why I call Portland home.

My family lives in a modest midcentury ranch - pink bathrooms and all - that we're renovating into our dream home.

*Because it's not all business around here.


Professional Bio

Ashley Gartland has been an entrepreneur since the day she graduated college. She is a certified coach who helps ambitious women entrepreneurs experience more growth, find more fulfillment with their work and enjoy more freedom in their life by simplifying their business.

Before launching her coaching practice, Ashley spent a decade working in public relations, magazine publishing, digital publishing and event planning. As a writer, she contributed to high-profile magazines such as O, The Oprah MagazineRunner’s World, Sunset and Prevention and honed her editorial skills at digital media brands including Tasting Table and PureWow. She is also the author of two celebrated cookbooks.

Ashley is passionate about helping women do less better and create a business that's in service of their life. She is a Certified Life Coach who received her training through The Life Coach School. She lives in Portland Oregon, where she spends her time outside work trail running and raising two spirited little girls.