think you need a VA to get some things off your plate?

My clients have sent me not one but three messages last week that all say the same thing: they think they’re ready to bring on a VA, and they want to know if I can help them with hiring so they can do it right the first time around.

Now, I’m a firm believer that having support is key if you want to streamline your business so you can grow to the next level - not to mention create more ease and spaciousness for you.

But before my clients jump straight into hiring a VA, I always ask them to consider two things.

why people burn out in their business (and what to do about it)

I talk with many business owners who struggle with burnout. With overwhelm. With the feeling that they could not sustain the time and effort it requires to run their business for the long haul. 

And for that? They often blame themselves - or in the very least, question where they went wrong.

Now I’m all for holding yourself accountable for the actions you took and the decisions you made to land in overwhelm. But I also know that it’s not all that productive to sit in judgement of your current situation when there’s a good chance you simply didn’t know better.

why this small business owner decided to streamline - and how it led to his best year to date

I live for the little moments.

Like the moment when a business owner realizes they need to streamline their services so they can grow more sustainably.

Or the moment they recognize that their lack of systems behind-the-scenes means they’re working way more hours than they’d like.

Or the moment they decide it’s time to stop hustling and start building their business with focus, ease and intention so they can grow more while doing less.

The best part is that business owners can have realizations like these and make changes even if they don’t know what to do next or how to do it. They just have to be willing to show up differently, and bring on the right support. 

think streamlining your business takes tons of work? not true.

One of my mentors recently said I get that you help people simplify and streamline their business but HOW do you actually do it?

Good question. Because while I obviously love the words ‘simplify’ and ‘streamline’, they don’t really give you a clear picture of what our work together would look like. 

Plus, that lack of understanding may leave you thinking that simplifying would require a lot of your time and energy. 

After all, a simple, streamlined business sounds nice but when you don’t understand HOW you’ll get there, it also sounds like a lot of work.

when the wrong offers take businesses off track

Today we’re trying something new: I’m sharing a special guest post from my friend, Kyla Roma, and it’s definitely a must-read. If you don’t yet know Kyla, she’s an award-winning strategist who helps service-based business owners and course creators make their businesses irresistible, profitable and simple to run. (So yes, we have a lot in common.)

Today, Kyla’s sharing how the wrong offers take businesses off track - and what to do to fix that. Read on for more.

already overwhelmed by your spring goals? this may be why.

There are so many types of goals you can set for your business. You can set financial goals. Visibility goals. Team-building goals. Productivity goals. Marketing goals. Networking goals.

The list goes on and on - and might be why you find yourself setting a ton of goals at the start of a new quarter only to discover you don’t have the motivation or time to work on them all.

The obvious solution would be to set fewer goals. But that can be a hard sell if you’re an ambitious business owner who wants to excel and grow in all areas of your business. 

So let me ask you this to put things in context: would you rather set a ton of goals in your business then struggle to make progress on them or would you rather set a few intentional goals and focus exclusively on them so you can really move the dial forward in your business?

next week I’ll help you set up your systems for FREE

Answer a few questions for me…

Would you like your business to run smoother? 

Would you like to spend less time doing administrative work?

Would you like to capture missed opportunities?

Would you like to provide a more polished experience for your clients?

Would you like to grow more while doing less?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’ve got a secret for you. And if you answered yes to all of them, I really want you to lean in and listen right now.

Systems can help you with all of these things.

these two questions will help you figure out the best way to grow your business

When it’s time to make an important decision in your business, it can feel like there are a million paths you could take.

The pressure to pick the right one is only magnified when that decision relates to growth.

That’s why I rely on two questions to help me weigh my options, and pick the right path forward for me. 

These are the same questions I ask my clients when they’re facing a growth-related decision in their business.

my biggest (and unexpected) challenge this month

Earlier this month, I experienced some unexpected scheduling challenges. My childcare fell through. Snow and ice forced multiple school delays. Then two surprising snow days cut my work hours in half. 

I honestly thought about calling those weeks a wash. But I also knew I had projects on my plate, clients to serve and commitments to keep. Plus, I did not want to sacrifice growth in my business because of a few unexpected time constraints.

So I asked myself, how can I get creative and make this work?

I realized that my only option was to get more comfortable asking for help. 

these small shifts will dramatically improve your schedule

If there’s one thing that threatens to drain your energy and makes it hard to find time to work on your own business, it’s all those appointments you have in your calendar.

Like most service-based business owners and online entrepreneurs, you’ve got sales calls and appointments and networking meetings and virtual coffee chats to juggle. And that’s not even accounting for the calls and appointments you have with your clients, students or community members.

It’s a lot to manage, and can send you straight into overwhelm.

But because those calls and appointments are necessary to keep growing and thriving in your business, the solution isn’t to get rid of them. (Plus, you enjoy them in moderation.)

The solution is to make small tweaks that will help you rework your appointment calendar so you can be more efficient with your time and create more space in your schedule.

want to reach your goals this month? Read this.

When it comes to setting goals, most service-based business owners and online entrepreneurs are clear about the outcomes they want to achieve.

Their goals often sound like this:

I will hit 10K in revenue this month.
I will double my email list this quarter.
I will have a full client load by the end of the month.
I will make 5K in passive income from my new course.
I will be a guest on 5 podcasts this spring.

These types of goals are called outcome goals, and they’re important because they define what you want to achieve.

But they have a flaw, which is to say that they aren’t completely in your control. Nor are they very actionable.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that will make your goals more actionable AND easier to reach. You just need to start pairing your outcome goals with process goals.

how simplifying set Lyndsay up to scale to 200K this year

Business owners like you often tell me that you want to streamline your business so you can…

ditch the hustle and work less
stop wearing all the hats so you can get back to the work you really love doing
make more time to tackle long-neglected projects and create new revenue streams
create more space in your schedule to fit in that afternoon yoga class 
unplug long enough to enjoy a real vacation 

And, of course, it’s also about growth. Because you recognize that you can’t reach the next level in your business - and do it in a way that provides you with plenty of freedom and flexibility in your life - if you don’t streamline things first.

your systems don't have to be complicated

You might be among the many business owners who assume that the best systems are the most complicated ones.

You might also be thinking that you need costly tech tools to set systems up, which is why you think you need to grow more before you can afford to get systems in place.

I disagree. Strongly. 

Because while plenty of elaborate, expensive systems exist, the ones that I use to create the most organization, ease and growth in my business are simple.

why I let go of a big goal this month

At the start of a new year, it’s hard to be immune to the draw of goal setting, which is why you may have laid out some pretty ambitious plans for your business last month.

I know I certainly did.

In my case, I set a goal to start hosting a free monthly mastermind. The idea was that I’d coach four business owners on a topic related to simplifying their business, and give them tons of support in a single group session. It sounded fun, and I knew it would be the kind of high-touch experience I love creating for my community. So my team and I mapped it all out for a February launch.

But as the launch date got closer, I realized I didn’t have the bandwidth to host a monthly mastermind AND keep doing the things I was already doing to run and grow my business. Adding one more project to my plate was just going to push me into the territory of overwhelm, which never serves my business or life.

the real reason I simplified my business (it’s not what you’d expect)

If there’s one thing I deeply, deeply believe, it’s that simplicity leads to growth.

But I didn’t always believe it. In fact, my original reasons for simplifying and streamlining my business had very little to do with reaching the next level and EVERYTHING to do with my life. 

You see, I have two growing girls, and I wanted the freedom to coach their soccer teams and take them out for frozen yogurt after school. I value my relationships and my community, so I wanted to create flexibility in my schedule to volunteer at preschool on a Tuesday morning and join my husband for a coffee date in the middle of the workday. I’m also a health nut who has a hard time getting through the day without a sweaty run or strength training session, so I knew my schedule needed to include space for working out.

Put another way, I’m here to live a rich, fulfilling, expansive life – and I have always known that my business needs to support that intention.

what growth without overwhelm really looks like

You’ve heard me throw around the phase "growth without overwhelm" before. In fact, you’ve probably heard me say it many times over.

But you may have wondered what does that even mean

Because while growth without overwhelm sounds nice in theory, you might not be clear what it looks like in practice. 

So let’s unpack it and get you a clear picture of what it could look like in your business. 

Growth without overwhelm means…

this simple tool has brought in thousands of dollars in business

When it really comes down to it, running a business is a relationship game. It’s about the relationships you have with fellow business owners. It’s about the relationships you have with collaborators and referral partners. And it’s certainly about the relationships you have with warm leads and prospects in your business because they’re the ones that lead to growth.

The problem is that managing all those relationships – and all the details you need to remember about each one – can feel like a full-time job. So most of us end up neglecting those relationships and letting opportunities and potential clients slip through the cracks.

The solution? You guessed it: a simple system to keep you organized, and keep your business top of mind with the people who can influence your success.

Enter my outreach spreadsheet.

Want to be more productive this year?

As you go head-to-head with your new, 2019 business goals, you may find yourself wondering how you’re going to get everything done in the time you have available.

After all, if there’s one thing every business owner says they need more of, it’s time. 

So you’re probably thinking about your productivity, and how you can be more efficient and effective with your time as you work to grow your business and achieve your goals this year. 

I admit that I think a lot about productivity too. In fact, I’d say I’m a bit obsessed with productivity and efficiency in business – and, yes, I get that my interest in these topics makes me a bit of a geek. 

But I have a good reason for focusing on productivity. I’m interested in it because I know that your productivity has a big bearing on how much success you’ll experience this year. 

this is what I want for you in 2019

Right now, I hope that you’re getting ready to enjoy your holidays. That you’re planning on spending some time unplugged. That you’ve entered a season of slowing down so you can recoup and relax and unwind.

I’ll be doing much of the same this season – in fact, this is the last post I’m writing in 2018 as I’m taking the rest of the year off to enjoy winter break with my family.

But before I officially sign off for the year, there’s something I want you to know – actually there are a few things.

I want you to know…