I’ve got a little secret

I want to tell you something about raising a baby that doesn’t get talked about a lot. And it’s probably not the nicest thing to say but I’m going to share it anyway because most new moms need to hear it.


Babies can be a little boring.


Yes, they are cute. And cuddly. And they smell really good. But the activities that babies are supposed to find interesting aren’t intellectually stimulating for most adults. I don’t know many women who would stack blocks for hours on end if they were in charge of their schedules. I also don’t know many women who would elect to narrate every minute of their day. (I’m mashing up your banana. Now I’m feeding you your banana. Now I’m cleaning banana off the floor.)  And, I honestly don’t know anyone – save your drooling little one – who can stay engaged reading board books all day.


So what I want moms to know first is that it’s ok to feel bored. In fact, it’s completely normal. It’s one of the realities of the job and many of us deal with that fact by acknowledging that this phase of motherhood won’t last forever.


But for some moms accepting the boredom is only half the problem. The bigger issue is that we make it mean we’re a bad mom because we feel bored.


I used to judge myself pretty harshly for not being good at entertaining my babies or being completely entertained by them either. After spending a few minutes shaking a rattle or singing kid songs, my mind felt numb. But instead of accepting that feeling as a normal part of parenthood, I decided there was something wrong with me. I kept asking myself what kind of mom doesn’t love playing with her babies 100 percent of the time?


Turns out there are a lot of moms who don’t love it all the time. Once I realized I wasn’t alone, I found ways to stop judging myself for feeling bored. And that made me feel so much better in my day to day life.


Do I still get bored as a mom? Absolutely. But it isn’t such a big deal anymore because I now know that feeling bored doesn’t make me a terrible mother. It just makes me an honest, card-carrying member of the new mom crowd.




P.S. I want to get to know you a little better. So shoot me an email or leave a comment below sharing one thing you’re loving about life as a mom and one thing you could use some help with right now.