When "Everything's Good" Isn't Enough

A few years ago, I was working as a food writer with a flexible schedule and some pretty nice job perks. I was raising a big-hearted little girl with my partner, who’s also my best friend. I had great friendships, a nice place to live and a healthy, happy life.


And yet, I so badly wanted more. More for my family. More for my career. And so much more for myself.


But it wasn’t the fact that I wanted more that was the problem. The real issue was that I was judging myself for being so greedy. I felt ashamed that I wanted a career that let me make an impact not just pay the bills. I felt bad that I wanted another baby – that having one healthy daughter wasn’t enough. I felt guilty that I longed for a different home in a different part of town. And I felt bad that a life that was by all means pretty good just wasn’t good enough for me.


Back then, I wondered often why couldn’t I just be grateful for all the things I had?


I’m guessing you can relate. Maybe you feel guilty for wanting to be more than a mom. Maybe you feel bad about wanting a nicer home or more money. Or maybe you’re dealing with some shame over the fact that you want to pursue a new career even though you have a decent job already.


Well, here’s the truth: it’s ok to want more. In fact, it’s the wanting that keeps your life moving forward. It helps you make goals and go after your dreams. It helps you grow as a woman and it helps you thrive.


But if you want more from a place where you feel guilty and ashamed, the wanting will never feel very good.


Fortunately, there is an antidote: gratitude. When you practice gratitude, you acknowledge the things you have going in your life. You create space to give thanks for everything you have. And you start developing an abundant mindset that gets you thinking about what’s possible for you, not what you lack.


When you want from a place of abundance, the wanting feels so much better. You realize that you can want more for yourself not because life isn’t good enough right now but because you know it could be so much richer.


And because you want that for yourself.




P.S. There are dozens of ways to practice gratitude. Try writing in a gratitude journal or sharing a list of the three things you’re grateful for today with a friend or with the community here. (Just reply in the comments below.) However you do it, make sure you do it regularly to help cultivate that abundant mindset that makes wanting more so much easier to handle.