You're In Charge. Really.

When I became a mom, I quickly bought into the belief that my time was no longer my own. Sure, I dreamed about how I wanted my days to look but I thought that kind of ideal lifestyle was just a fantasy.


In my real life, it felt like someone else controlled how I spent my time. All of it. Every single day.


Usually, that someone else was one of my little girls. They decided when we got up in the morning. They determined when I could sneak in a shower and when it was time to stop everything I was doing to breastfeed. Their moods dictated how long I could keep them confined in the stroller for a run. And they set my work hours based on how long they napped each day.


I know these time constraints are part of being a mom and that I willingly chose them. But that doesn’t mean they’ve been easy to accept. And it certainly doesn’t mean I have to sit back and passively let my days happen to me just because I’m a mom. Neither do you.


That’s because there’s another way to look at your time that will put you back in control of it. Think of it this way: when you believe someone else controls your day, you give up your power. You start acting like the victim. And you lose sight of the fact that you are the ONE person who is in charge of your schedule and, ultimately, your life.


Sure, your new baby might wake you up before dawn. And your toddler might take two hours to eat his lunch. But even with these demands on your time, you do have choices about how to spend the other hours of your day. (You might be raising your eyebrows at me here but I promise it's true.)


When you recognize that you are still in charge, you’ll start feeling empowered. You’ll remember that your time is yours to control, to value and to protect. You’ll start making subtle changes in how you spend your time because you’ll be more intentional about how you use it.


And nothing but good things can come of that.




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