Why You Might Not Need a Coach

Yesterday, a friend asked me how I convince new moms that they need to work with a life coach.


I could tell my answer surprised her.


I simply said, I don’t.


Whether I’m talking with a mom on a free coaching call or leading a workshop for a new mom’s group, my purpose as a coach is to support women, not tell them what to do. So I never tell moms that they need a coach because, frankly, they are the only person who knows what they need to help them transition into motherhood.


Some moms want to go at it alone. Some moms turn to their partners or a trusted friend for deep conversations and well-thought advice. And others seek guidance from mentors or doulas or counselors or, yes, a life coach.


I’ve done it both ways. With my first daughter, I toughed it out on my own. I had a great partner, a supportive family and a handful of mom friends who were along for the ride. What I lacked was someone to offer an outside perspective; I didn’t have anyone in my life who understood the unique challenges of motherhood and who also had the wisdom and tools to help me thrive in my new role.


When I became a mother of two, I decided to try a different approach to manage the demands of motherhood and find some room for me in my chaotic life. I knew I needed help getting out of a place where I felt stuck and lost and overwhelmed. I needed help finding my direction and purpose outside of motherhood. And I needed help feeling whole again.


So on a whim, I decided the best way to do that was to take a risk and hire a life coach.


It was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.


I can say with certainty that you can manage motherhood just fine on your own. But if “just fine” isn’t cutting it, there’s no shame in asking for help and getting the support you desire.


So no, you might not need a coach or any other help for that matter. But if you want to thrive as a mom, not just survive day-to-day, you have options.


And you deserve that kind of support and guidance – in whatever way feels right for you.