The Art of Receiving

Earlier this year, my coach sent me an unexpected email inviting me to join her mentorship program – for free.


I was floored by her generosity but also felt guilty accepting her offer. It’s the same way I used to feel when a friend offered to watch my girls or when my mom would ask if she could visit to help out for a week.


But when I shared my concerns with my coach, she didn’t try to convince me to accept her offer like most people would. Instead, she sent me a one-line response:


This is your lesson in receiving.


How could I refuse when she put it like that?


Now, when I look back on 2015, I realize that I have finally learned the art of receiving. I learned to let friends and family members help out with my kids and my business and my life. I learned to accept guidance from others. I learned to receive unconditional love. And I learned to accept support from people without worrying about how I would repay them down the road.


I also discovered that you absolutely HAVE to learn to receive if you want to manage the many demands of motherhood without losing yourself.


So now, I want to give you a chance to practice receiving in your own lives.


I believe in paying it forward and in being every bit as generous as people have been in my life. So I always offer free 30-minute coaching sessions to new moms. (You can book yours by clicking the button below.) There are no strings attached or expectations of you when you join me for a session. The main purpose of these calls is to help and support you in whatever way you need.


And, of course, these calls also provide an opportunity to learn to receive and see how life-changing this practice can be.