It Really Does Get Better

I will always remember how I felt as a new mother, back when I was trying so hard to embrace my New Normal. I loved my daughter and know I felt joy back then but those moments are a bit foggy. The challenges are what I remember more clearly. And the breakdowns. The tears. The confusion. The near-constant anxiety. And, of course, the self-doubt.


I remember the way the demands of new motherhood rocked me to my very core. I remember how much my little girl shifted my worldview. I remember feeling like I might crumble under the pressure of trying to be a good mom. I remember thinking I’d been through such a profound change that I would NEVER feel like myself again.


I remember minutes that dragged on for hours and hours that dragged on for days. I remember feeling like those first few months were both the longest and shortest time of my life.


And I can remember feeling like I would completely lose it if one more person told me motherhood got better with time.


So it’s a bit ironic that I’m telling you the same thing today. But now that I’ve emerged from the first year of motherhood – twice – I can say with certainty that it does get better.


It really does.


You will not be stuck in a crazy postpartum haze forever. You will not always be a milk-making machine or be mixing up formula every few hours. You will not always be sleep deprived. And you will not wear maternity pants forever. (Though I won’t judge you if you do because they’re pretty damn comfortable.)


Someday you will get to eat a meal without interruptions and someday you will feel rested again. You will shower before 4pm. You will read something besides books on creating good sleep habits. You will feel like your body is your own again. And you will find a better balance in your life and have more time to pursue hobbies, to catch up with friends and to fit in some self-care – or just sleep if that’s what you really need.


Those things might seem far away right now. But one day very soon, you’ll look back and realize you overcame the challenges of early motherhood and are starting to find your way back to yourself.


That said, I know from experience that motherhood is a tough road to travel alone. So if you feel like “better” is a long way off and you need help getting there, I’m here to support and guide you.




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