Stop Waiting

I spent my first few years of motherhood waiting.


I waited to take trips with friends, to spend money on myself, to travel with my husband, to register for a half marathon and to change careers. Sure, I had needs and wants but I also became very good at ignoring them. I was self-sacrificing to a fault because I was so committed to the idea that “my time” would come someday.


Only I couldn’t define when that “someday” would be.


Would it be when I was done breastfeeding? When I had more time? Or more money? When my daughter started kindergarten? Or would it be years down the road when she graduated high school and left for college?


Visualizing that last scenario was my wakeup call. I realized that my days were moving at a frantic pace but that my life outside my role as a mom had stalled. By constantly telling myself it wasn’t my time, I was all but ensuring my time would never come.


That was a truth I couldn’t live with.


The next part wasn’t easy. Though I knew I needed to take action, it was hard to actually do it. I struggled to find the time and, when I did, I was consumed with guilt. But in my heart I also wanted to believe that my needs were as important as those of anyone else in my family. So I sought help from a coach, fought like hell to change my mindset and finally allowed myself to make time for me each day.

You don’t have to keep waiting for your life beyond motherhood to start. Your time can be now. Big or small, I want to hear about the things you put on hold when you became a mom. Share them in the comments below and let’s find ways to start making those dreams happen today.


To believing your time is now,




P.S. If you want to talk about why you’re not taking action or making time for yourself, book a complimentary coaching call with me. We can work together to figure out what’s holding you back so you can start making time for your dreams and desires now.