It Goes So Fast

It never fails. I’ll be grocery shopping with my girls or playing with them at a park when someone stops, makes eye contact and says “Enjoy this time – they grow up so fast.”


I get it. I really do. I can’t believe my girls have outgrown the stage where I can easily slip them into the Ergo carrier or that their adorable toothless smiles are gone forever. I’m shocked that I have one daughter who’s learning to talk and another who’s learning to read. I can’t imagine how their little legs got so long or how their little hands got so big.


And I certainly can’t believe I dropped my oldest off at her first day of pre-kindergarten today.

In particular, it’s the milestones like the first day of school that make me realize how fleeting my time with my kids is. But I’m also tired of other people telling me I have to savor every minute of it because it’s hard to do when I’m deep in the trenches of life with these little ladies. And those well-meaning comments only add to the pressure I feel as a mom to do everything perfectly and make every minute of our days matter.


When I chose to focus on how fast this time flies, I have a hard time enjoying the present moment. Instead, I act desperate to hold on to these early years and spend a lot of time worrying if I’m making these years memorable enough for my family.


What I miss out on is the pure joy of just letting our days unfold. When I’m busy trying to make every minute count, the everyday moments that the best memories are made of pass me by.


I know I can’t stop strangers from sharing their wisdom when I’m out with my girls. So the next time someone tells me to enjoy this time with them, I’ll smile and say thank you. But I’ll also remember that buying into this belief won't make me a better mom.


So from now on, I’m choosing to believe that yes, this time is short – but I’m ok with that.




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