Why Your Morning Routine Matters

For the past four years, I’ve kept my morning routine to 20 minutes or less. After a quick shower, I’d budget just enough time to dry my hair, slap on some lotion and apply a coat of mascara. Then I’d grab whatever outfit was easy to throw on with my kids hanging on my legs.


Usually something soft and stretchy from lululemon won.


To be fair, I was never someone who got all dolled up in the morning. But I do remember a time before I had kids when I would spend a few more minutes getting ready for the day. I would style my hair, not just dry it. I’d apply a little makeup to give myself a natural looking glow. I’d intentionally pick out an outfit that expressed my sense of style.


And I’d do it all with pop music blaring in the background.


Once I got busy with my babies though, I forgot to indulge that part of me – the girl who liked to start the day dancing and be a little creative with her looks. It wasn’t really intentional but looking back I can see that I let that part of my self-care slip. Part of me thought that I didn’t have time and the other part of me thought it was vain to focus on my looks when I could be playing with my kids.


It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I started questioning those beliefs. Here's why: my four-year-old had retreated to her room to get dressed – only it was taking her much longer than normal to come back downstairs. I learned why when she bounced into the kitchen wearing a colorful outfit, a beaded necklace, a sparkly headband and a look of pure pride.


That’s when I realized that taking care of yourself – including your looks – doesn’t have to be an exercise in vanity. It can be about being creative, about building your confidence and about reminding yourself that you deserve a little pampering too.


I know I’m still going to have days when a ponytail, bare face and leggings are my go to. But I also want to feel the same pride and confidence my daughter radiated that morning. So, I’m giving myself permission to spend more than 20 minutes on my morning routine. When the mood strikes, I’ll take the time to pull my hair into a sleek bun or to dig into my jewelry box for my favorite necklace. I’ll spend a few extra minutes trying on different outfits until I land on the one that makes me feel comfortable in my skin that day.


I might even turn on some music and dance.


I hope you will too.


To believing your time is now,




P.S. If you’ve forgotten how to be the girl that dances in the morning, I’d love to talk with you on a free coaching call. I can help you find ways to pamper yourself and get rid of the guilt that shows up when you do.