Why You Need to Make a Joy List

My days often feel like a sprint. As soon as my alarm goes off, I move into action mode doing all the things that need doing. And, let’s be real here…because I have a family to care for, a household to run, clients to support and a business to grow, there are a LOT of things that need doing on any given day.


Most of the time, it feels great to spend my days hustling. I get a sort of high from being productive and purposeful throughout my day. But lately, I’ve recognized that all that doing comes at a cost – and that something was too often JOY.


Last week, I found joy again on a little tropical island.


I just returned from a business retreat in Hawaii and joy was present all around. Because even though we spent extensive time diving deep into our businesses on this trip, our days also included pockets of leisure that reminded me exactly what it looks like and feels like to experience joy.


I learned that joy looks like a pause in the middle of my morning run to watch the waves crash onto the beach. Joy looks like pouring a glass of champagne with dinner on a Tuesday night. Joy feels like spending an hour poolside connecting with other women through deep conversation. And it feels like jumping off a boat into the deep blue ocean for a momentary thrill.


As I’ve settled into my routine back home, I’m carrying the memory of these moments with me. Because even though adulthood (not to mention motherhood and entrepreneurship) seems to require a lot of doing, we all know life is about more than that. It’s also about making space in your life for the things that make you grin. The things that make you lose all track of time. The things that bring you pure joy.


I'm vowing to bring more joy into my Daily life. Will you join me?


You can easily find random moments of joy in your life but, as with most things, setting a bigger intention helps put this practice into play. To do that, you’re going to make a joy list. So in a journal or on a sheet of blank paper, I want you to make a list of all the things that will bring more joy to your life.


As you make your list, make sure you include simple activities that will help you make joy a part of your day in mere minutes. (Things like enjoying a glass of wine with dinner or pausing in the middle of your day to watch your children play.) You should also include a few things that are free (so “it costs to much” will never stand in your way of receiving joy). Finally, you should absolutely include a few bigger things on your list, things that require a little advance planning like a concert or a massage or a day trip to the mountains.


When you're done, post your list where you’ll see it often because I’m going to challenge you to read it daily AND then do one thing oN your list each day this week too.


I have a feeling that once you get started you won’t be able to stop. Because when you have more joy in your life, you’ll also have more inspiration, more love and more fulfillment. And those feelings will allow you to experience what it’s like to thrive in your life as a mother, a creative, a business owner, a woman and more. 


And it's all because you're choosing JOY.




P.S. I’m Making a Master Joy List For the women in this community to draw inspiration from. I’d love for you to Help By Answering the following Question in the Comments Below: what's your favorite thing to do to bring yourself more joy?