A few thoughts on filling your own cup

You’re a mother. A wife. A daughter. A friend. A passionate woman doing (or pursuing) work that inspires you. And you wear all those hats well. You rise up to meet the demands of your many titles and you do it day after day – even when you know you’re spreading yourself a little thin with all the doing.


So today I want to give you permission to go fill your own cup up. 


Because the truth is you need you too.


The idea that you need you is easy to understand but harder to execute in real life. Because even though you have every intention of giving to yourself, days (ok weeks) can quickly slip by without you putting those intentions into practice.


You might mean to take a yoga class but then find yourself getting sidetracked by your work. You might intend to read or journal in the morning but then get distracted by your household chores. And you might desire a solo coffee date but let your kids tag along because you feel guilty for taking the time for yourself.


Make this a regular habit and you’ll discover you have nothing left to give your family, your work or your community because you’re running on empty. So let’s change that right now by dedicating a solid block of time to YOU this week. (And if you think that’s impossible to do or are already feeling resistant to the idea of taking time for yourself, this message is EXTRA important for you to hear.)


First, I want you to block off some time in your calendar and dedicate it to yourself. It can be an hour tomorrow morning or all of Sunday afternoon – you’ll know what you need best. Next, tell someone your plans. (Even if you just declare your plans by replying to me on this email.) This step will provide you with a little accountability, and it’s also a great reminder to ask for help with your kids if you’ll need it to make your time away happen. 


Then you need to figure out what you’d like to do to fill your cup, which can feel challenging if you haven’t done something like this in awhile. To support you in deciding, here are a few questions I use with my clients that will help you decide what activity will serve you best:


1What activities restore my energy?

2What activities bring me pure joy?

3What activities would feel like play?

4What activities would pamper my body or soul?

5What’s one thing I’ve been putting off doing for myself that always makes me feel good?


Now take a look at the answers to those questions and decide on one thing you’ll do this week to start getting in a practice of filling your own cup.


And one last thing: please don’t brush off this opportunity to give to yourself. It might appear frivolous or self-indulgent but it really is important. Because if you aren’t taking care of your mind, body and soul, you won’t be able to show up as the best version of yourself for all the people who need you.


All my best,


P.S. Remember last week when I talked about finding ways to invite more joy into your life? I’ve been making a group joy list using the ideas you’ve shared. If you want to get your hands on the list, I’ll be sharing it in my free Facebook community later this week. Have you joined yet?