the one question to ask yourself before we wrap up 2016

As entrepreneurs, our tendency is always to do more. To push harder. To pile on more to-dos and action items in an effort to achieve our version of success – especially as we start looking at our business goals for 2017.

Goal-setting is key because planning is fundamental in every business. (I bet you’ve heard the saying Failing to plan is planning to fail. And, I bet you recognize the truth in it too.)

So absolutely say yes to planning and to taking on new tasks and projects for 2017.  But as this year comes to a close, I also want you to consider looking at your business through a new lens, one that focuses on what you need to STOP doing instead of all the things you need to do more of this year.

 I want you to ask yourself one question as you reflect on 2016 and map out 2017. I want you to ask yourself what do I need to let go of this year to create the results I want in my business and my life?

Maybe you know you need to let got of perfectionism or people-pleasing behaviors. Maybe you know you need to let go of a limiting belief, like the one that suggests you aren’t good enough or experienced enough to do the work you do. Maybe you need to let go of an excuse you’ve used as a crutch for years. Or maybe you need to let go of the project that’s been sitting untouched on your to-do list for months…the one that occupies way too much of your mental energy and doesn’t actually align well with your goals.

I have a hunch that you already know your answer to this important question. (If you don’t, pop into the Facebook group where we’ve been having a great discussion about this question this week; the feed might spark something for you or you can put up a post asking for support so I can help you get unstuck.)

Then when you do know your answer, it’s time to declare it. Because the real work comes in admitting what’s not working and then committing to letting that thing (or things) go. So think on it, then leave a comment below and tell me what you’re letting go off this year so you can head into 2017 feeling open and inspired.