Why Your Web Site Isn't As Important As You Think

When I started my coaching business, all I could think about was the big splashy web site that would help me get the word out. The web site that would tell everyone what I was all about and how I could help them. The web site that would legitimize me as an entrepreneur and say I AM OPEN FOR BUSINESS.


So I worked on that web site – a lot. I agonized over photo picks and font selections. I spent hours writing my copy and even more time tweaking that copy over the next few months to make it just right. Then I used up days of work trying to figure out the technology that would make my web site function the way I wanted it to.


And then, after all that work, I launched it. Some people noticed, some didn’t. Some people even told me I had a beautiful web site. But that site didn’t do as much as I thought it would to grow my business. It was then that I realized I’d placed a little too much importance on it. And I’d been spending too much of my time and energy creating it as well.


That isn’t to say that I don’t value my web site or think that having an online presence is important. I do. My point is that we all do things in our businesses that distract us from the activities that drive bigger growth and revenue. Things that feel urgent or necessary but aren’t always as important as we think.


For me, my web site was the ultimate distraction. You might get distracted by cleaning your office or setting up online systems or designing pretty graphics for social media posts. These things add value to your business and even make it easier to run so of course you’ll do them. But if they aren’t activities that really propel your business forward, you might want to re-evaluate how much time you’re spending on them.


So today, I want you to think about the things you’re working on in your business right now. Are those activities moving you toward your goals? Or do those things distract you from spending time on activities that will actually grow your business?


And if they’re distractions, are you willing to do less of them? To outsource them? To let them go? These are questions worth asking yourself if you really want to grow a business that supports your life.