Defining Balance

You, mama, wear a lot of hats. You are a mother. A partner. A friend. A daughter. A sibling. A professional woman. A creative woman. A short order cook. A housekeeper. And so much more.


The work-life juggle all those roles require of you is real. And it’s challenging. It’s challenging to meet all those demands. It’s challenging to split your limited time between them. It’s challenging to feel like you’re giving enough attention and energy to each one.


But mostly it’s challenging because all those demands are making it hard to feel like you have any semblance of balance in your life right now. And you’d give just about anything to get that balance back.


Here’s the good news: a more balanced life is possible. But it’s only possible if you define what you want it to look like first.


It sounds so obvious but most of us don’t think about what balance would really look like on a personal level. We’re all hoping for a better work-life balance or seeking more balance between motherhood and “me time.” But we keep our goals pretty broad and pretty vague, which is why balance continues to be this seemingly unattainable goal.


So today I want to give you a real chance at creating more balance in your life by helping you get clear on what you really want. Start by answering these four questions:


1. Where do I feel the most out of balance in my life?


2. Where am I giving too much of myself and my time?


3. What do I want and need to commit to doing more of to feel more balanced in my life?


4. What do I need to stop doing to make that possible for me?


When you answer these questions honestly, you’ll get the clarity you were lacking before. Maybe you’ll realize you need to give more to yourself and less to your family. Maybe you’ll realize that the amount of energy you spend working is not sustainable. Or maybe you’ll realize you need to stop wearing so many hats so you can do less but do it better and start enjoying your life more.


I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy from here because you still have work to do. You still have to make the changes to create a better balance for yourself. You still have to learn to delegate, to accept help and to let go.


But I can promise you that doing that hard work will be easier because you have something tangible to focus on and some specific changes to work toward. And balance will finally be more attainable because you’ve defined exactly what it looks like to you.




P.S. If you need help making the actual changes to create the balance you crave, I’d love to talk with you on a FREE 30-minute coaching call.