How Becca Found a Better Balance

Meet Becca.


Last spring, Becca was looking for a coach to help her make the transition back to work after maternity leave. She also wanted to figure out how to balance her life as a busy professional with her role at home as a new mom.


But ironically, our first sessions didn’t involve work at all. That’s because when I asked Becca what her biggest challenge was she shared that she was struggling immensely with her daughter's birth story and with breastfeeding.


So that’s where we started.


We had an honest conversation about her emergency C-section and low milk supply and how disappointed she was in herself. For Becca, this one issue felt like a roadblock that was preventing her from making other changes in her life. So I helped her tackle that roadblock by learning to accept her birth story and start celebrating her strength, courage and determination.


I can’t say it better than Becca herself when she talks about how she feels now: “I went from feeling like a failure to feeling like a fighter.”


And that's when Becca started making changes in other areas of her life so she could find a better balance and find fulfillment outside of motherhood. At home, she learned to make more time for herself to create the balance she desired. She started cooking for fun and picked up running again. She discovered how to deal with unexpected emotions like anxiety and overwhelm and learned how to let go of pursuing perfection as a mom. And in her professional life, she started exploring more inspiring, challenging career opportunities and discovered the secret to managing the mom guilt she felt for being a working mother.


In Becca’s words:


“I am now able to set more attainable and realistic goals for myself as a mom and as a person. I have also reclaimed some of my identity as just “me” and that is a good thing for my whole family. It makes me a better mom and a better partner to my wife.

Ashley gets it because she’s been there and she offers real, concrete help. She listens and she cares. She has been tremendously helpful in helping me reframe things, make plans and actualize the change I want to make in my life.”


If you relate to Becca’s story and you want to see what life coaching could do for you, I invite you to book a FREE 30-minute coaching call using the button below. I save spots in my calendar for these calls each week because I love connecting with and supporting inspiring moms and because I know it's the best way for you to experience what coaching is really like.