I wanted to be more than a mom


My first few weeks as a mom were a blur of round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes, of late nights and early mornings and a lot of tears. But the one memory that sticks out from that hazy time is the one where I’m snuggling with my new baby on our big brown couch with a pile of books stacked at my side.


It wouldn’t have been such a strange snapshot of new motherhood if I’d been reading sleep guides or parenting handbooks. But instead, I was devouring books on owning a bed and breakfast, on being a “mamaprenuer,” on training to be a life coach, on writing childrens’ books and so much more.


At that point in my life, I was feeling incredibly lost professionally and I hoped that my new beginning as a mom would inspire me to make a fresh start in my career too.


I couldn’t really pinpoint what was wrong with my freelance writing career. I had a flexible schedule and great job perks. I’d had success writing for my dream magazines and published a cookbook. But more and more, I knew writing wasn’t it for me.


I also knew that motherhood wasn’t the only thing I wanted to do with my life. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be the greatest and hardest and most amazing thing I’d ever do. But I went into it knowing I needed to find fulfillment outside the home and that being a food writer wasn’t going to do that for me.


I wanted something more.


I wanted a job that made it worth it to spend time away from my daughter. I wanted a career that created opportunities to really help people not just entertain them with recipes and words. I wanted to make a difference, to create, to support women and to inspire them to live more daring lives. And I wanted to do it without adding to the overwhelm so I could still lead a balanced life as a mom and an independent woman too.


It felt like the impossible dream.


And for a few years, it was just a dream. Even though I knew what I wanted my life and career to look like, I let fear and doubt cloud that vision. So I kept working as a writer in dead-end jobs because it was what I knew. It was safe. It provided a little income. And, I simply didn’t think I had the time, the energy or, frankly, the right to pursue anything else.


But then I had another little girl and saw so clearly that I only had two choices. I could keep waiting for the right time to come to make a change in my life. I could keep reading books on interesting careers and making lists of ideas and compiling resources and research and notes. I could keep ignoring the voice inside me that said I wanted something more.


Or I could listen to that voice and take control of the direction my life was headed.


When I decided to stop waiting, I got focused and I took action. I signed up for life coach training. I let go of my freelance work. And I stepped into my calling as a coach and mentor who works with moms who want to live bold, balanced lives and find fulfillment outside of motherhood. It hasn’t always been easy but this is the work I’m meant to do. This is my “something more.”


I’m sharing all this today because I believe in being totally transparent about what brought me here. And because I believe you too deserve to live a full, balanced life that includes space for you to be a present mother AND find your purpose outside of motherhood.


But I’m also sharing this because I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did – the one that left me lost and confused and spinning for years. I don’t want you to do this alone. I want to connect and talk about your dreams, about the things you want to create and about the difference you want to make. And I want to help you figure out exactly how you can create that life for yourself and your family now.


Because I’m on the other side, mama, and it’s really great over here.




P.S. I make space in my schedule every week to talk with women like you because I believe you deserve that support. It’s one thing to know you’re meant for something more but to define what that something is and go after it isn’t an easy process. So if you’re ready to stop waiting, it’s time to book your FREE call by clicking the button below.