How Gemma Learned To Manage Her Mom Guilt


Meet Gemma.
When Gemma and I connected her son was just a few months old and, unlike a lot of my clients, she already knew what her purpose beyond motherhood was; she was a writer. Her challenge was that she couldn’t seem to find the time or space to pursue her writing and be the kind of mom she wanted to be.
The thing that was holding her back the most was mom guilt.
Mom guilt showed up whenever Gemma took time to write. In one of our early conversations, she shared: “When I try and write, I’m thinking ‘You’re really selfish. You aren’t there every minute and he needs you. Instead, you’re doing this artsy writing thing. You really should put this on hold for a few years’.”
But Gemma also had a vision for her life that she didn’t want to let go of — and she didn't want to wait on it either. She wanted to finish her novel. She wanted to explore new outlets like writing children’s books. She wanted to write screenplays that created opportunities for new voices to shine in Hollywood.
During our time together, Gemma learned to deal with the mom guilt and create the time and space she needed to write. She gave herself permission to commit to her writing practice. She finished making her web site and started sharing her work with people. She joined a writing class. She got hired to rewrite a screenplay and agents started approaching her about her novel.
In Gemma’s words…
“I was reluctant to work with a coach at first, even though Ashley came highly recommended. As a writer who was struggling with mom guilt and avoiding writing at all costs, I couldn’t allow myself the time or the space I needed to do my own thing. I’m also English and we have a very buttoned-up mentality, so it took me a while to come around to the idea of life coaching. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I did. 
Ashley is wonderful, an absolute game changer. Since working with her, I've become visible as a writer, found my voice and even had the courage to submit things to a wider audience, which is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. And as a writer and as a mother, Ashley continues to help me achieve that most longed-for commodity in any burgeoning family: balance.”

 -Gemma Clarke

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