It's Time To Be Honest With You

I’ve shared a lot with you about pursuing your purpose beyond motherhood. About prioritizing yourself and your dreams. About facing your fears and cultivating confidence in yourself and your ideas. About getting past the mom guilt so you can do your own thing. 


What I haven’t talked to you about yet is the cost of NOT trying to find and answer your calling. And that’s what I want to share today because it’s an immensely important thing to think about.


Because when you neglect your calling beyond motherhood, the impact of NOT pursuing it is far greater than you think.


When you decide NOT to go after your dreams outside of motherhood, it absolutely comes at a cost to you. You’ll miss out on the opportunity to do something just for you. You may not get the chance to feel intellectually and creatively challenged and accomplished beyond your role as a mom. You won’t get to do the things outside of motherhood that light you up, the things that make you feel the very most like YOU.


It also comes at a cost to your kids. They won’t get to see you being brave and really going for it in your life. They won’t get to see you doing something you love or feel the kind of pride a kid feels when they realize their mom is making a difference in the world. And they won’t have your example as a woman showing them that they can do anything they set their mind to.


And it comes at a cost to the people in your community and the people you haven’t even met yet. People who you would have touched with your ideas and your contributions. People you could have helped. People whose lives you could have enriched and changed for the better. People who would have been inspired by your courage to boldly go after your dreams.


Because I guarantee you those people are waiting for you to step forward and pursue your purpose beyond motherhood. And they won’t ever get the chance to experience all you have to offer if you continue to put your dreams on hold.


That is the absolute truth.


I only have one request for you today. I want you to really think about what you are sacrificing by continuing to live life exactly as you are living it today. I want you to ask yourself What is the cost – to myself and others – of continuing to wait to pursue my purpose beyond motherhood?


If you’ve reached a place in your life where the cost is too big to keep waiting, I want to invite you to join me for a complimentary strategy session. I’m offering these sessions for the next 2 weeks to women like you - women who are ready to pursue their purpose but don’t know where to start.


We’ll jump on the phone for 30 minutes and together, we’ll make a plan outlining the exact steps you need to take to pursue your purpose. When you get off the call, there won’t be any question as to what you need to do next.


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I know it’s scary to admit you want something more than motherhood for yourself and even scarier to take a big leap. But you shouldn’t have to make that leap alone. I want to help you take the first step – and all the steps after that.


To believing your time is now,