A Mother's Day Letter to You

You are an amazing mother. You are loving and patient. Gentle and kind. Hardworking and so very, very generous.
On Mother’s Day, I hope you take a moment to celebrate all that you are – but I also hope you'll take a few minutes to let yourself dream about all that you want to be.

Because if you find yourself wanting something more for yourself, you need to know that it doesn’t change your value as a mom. It’s ok to feel pulled toward another calling in life. In fact, pursuing your "other" calling – your purpose beyond motherhood – could be one of the best gifts you ever give your kid(s).
If you find yourself wanting something more, I want you to know this:
Your needs and dreams and desires are every bit as important to prioritize and invest in as those of your partner or your kid(s).
You deserve to have space in your life to explore your creativity and do your own thing.
You are worthy of finding happiness in every area of your life.
You already have the strength, courage and knowledge to pursue your purpose beyond motherhood – you just have to tap into it.
You can overcome your fears and self-doubt so you can pursue your “other” calling with confidence.
You can find clarity about what your purpose is and figure out the steps you need to take to explore it.
You have incredible worth and unique gifts to offer – and people are waiting for you to share them. 
You can find fulfillment beyond motherhood and create the kind of abundant, balanced life you desire as a mom AND a woman stepping into her “other” calling. 
This is all possible for you, today and every day after that.
Happy Mother’s Day to you,