You Are Good Enough

I’ve been noticing a pattern when I talk with moms about pursuing their purpose beyond motherhood. Most often, they share that it would be nice to have something they could call their own. Something that allows them to find fulfillment outside of motherhood. Something that lets them see outside the day-to-day and make a difference in their communities – and beyond.

Then about one beat later, I know there's a "but" coming. It usually sounds something like this:


I would really like to figure out my other calling BUT…

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not strong enough.

I’m not important enough.

I’m not creative enough.

I’m not attractive enough.

I’m not young enough.

I’m not focused enough.

I’m not driven enough.

I’m not passionate enough.

I’m not brave enough.

I’m not experienced enough.

I’m not dedicated enough.

I’m not good enough.


All this talk about not being enough is a real problem. Because when you focus on everything you aren’t, you can’t see all that you have to offer. You can’t see your value, your strengths and your talents. And it's hard to explore ideas and create opportunities for yourself from that place. (It's far easier to just hide.)

But really, who is anyone else to say you aren’t brave enough or bold enough or good enough to have a purpose beyond motherhood? Who is anyone to say you aren’t strong enough to do your work in the world? And, most importantly, do you really want to steal your own dreams by buying into beliefs that you’re not enough to go after your other calling?

I didn’t think so – and that’s why I’m inviting you to wipe the slate clean today.

Here’s how we’re going to start: sometime today, I want you to stop thinking about everything you’re not and instead sit down and write down 25 things you love about yourself. (Yes, 25 – and I know that feels like a stretch.) These things can be personality traits, skills, physical traits, characteristics, accomplishments – you name it. If you're proud of it or it's something you love about yourself, it goes on the list.

I want you to do this today because right now you’re so focused on the ways you don’t measure up. You’re criticizing your so-called flaws instead of celebrating your strengths. You’re buying into thoughts that fuel your self-doubt and lower your self-worth. And if you want to pursue your purpose beyond motherhood, you have to shift your thinking to help you celebrate you and see what everyone else sees in you.

Because you have so much worth, as a mom and as a woman. You are enough. And there are people waiting for you to realize that. There are people waiting for you to step up and shine. People waiting for you to tap into your talents and share them.

If you’re ready to do that, go make your list. And if you try to make your list and feel like you don’t know where to start or like you can’t do it alone, please use me. Leave a comment below, send me an email or apply to jump on a free 30-minute strategy session.

Together, we’ll talk about how you can let go of feelings of “not enoughness” and uncover your gifts so you can pursue your calling with confidence, whatever that calling might be.

To believing your time is now,


P.S. I joined Podcast Host (And Soon-To-Be Mom) Megan Hale to talk about enoughness, motherhood and so much more on her amazing podcast The Enoughness Revolution last week. I’d love to invite you to listen in to the interview HERE.