Imagine If You Woke Up Feeling Like This...


Imagine what it would be like if you woke up feeling excited instead of stressed and anxious about the long day ahead. Imagine feeling energized instead of tired and overwhelmed. Imagine opening your eyes and immediately feeling gratitude for the balanced life you live.


Imagine waking up knowing – without a doubt – that you will have the time and energy each day to give generously to your family, to a career that lights you up and, most importantly, to yourself.


Now imagine how proud you’ll feel knowing YOU created that kind of abundant life for yourself.


I want that for you – and I believe you do too because you found me and you’re here. 


A lot of people will tell you that it isn’t possible to lead a balanced life as a mom. They’ll tell you that you have to choose between motherhood and a career and your health. They’ll tell you that since you decided to become a mom, you need to accept the realities of the role. They’ll tell you that your needs have to come last during this busy season in life. They’ll tell you that it’s just not your time.


I’m not one of those people.


I believe your time is now. And I know it’s possible to live a balanced life that allows you to be there for your kids, do meaningful work as a creative entrepreneur and practice plenty of self care. I know this because I’m living it.


Every day, I have time to move my body and fuel it with good food. I have time to connect with my clients and community, to make a difference in their lives and to grow my coaching practice. I have time to spend my mornings and evenings snuggling with my girls and time throughout the week to take them on adventures and meet up with friends.


Every day, I have time to give to each part of me – the health-minded woman, the mother and the creative entrepreneur. Not necessarily equally but always in a way that satisfies me immensely. That’s my definition of a balanced life.


I would love to hear your definition of a balanced life because I know it won't be the same as mine. So please leave a comment below and share your definition along with one thing that’s holding you back from creating that life for yourself.


I promise to reply and share something that will help you break through that barrier.


To believing your time is now,




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