I want to talk about the "b" word - balance

When I first started coaching, I didn’t yet know that balance would become my thing, my message, my purpose. But here I am working with overwhelmed mothers every day to help them create more balanced lives – lives that allow them to be present parents, practice great self care and do creative, fulfilling work in the world.

Even as you’ve dreamed of a life like that, you’ve probably also wondered if it’s possible for you. Or maybe you’ve questioned whether true balance as a mom and woman even exists.

I think debating whether or not balance is possible misses the point.

Because whether you call it balance or a work-life blend or just plain old “the good life”, it’s just a label – a label you use to describe how you want your life to look and feel as a woman and a mom. And I’m not concerned about what you call that.

I'm more interested in helping you CREATE IT. 

I'm interested in helping you find that sweet spot where you're able to give to your family, give to your work and give to yourself so you feel fulfilled and intentional in your day to day life.

But I get that it's hard to do because desiring balance and creating it are two different things. You might know what you want but figuring out how you’re going to create and live your version of a balanced life requires both a plan and support.

I’ve got that plan, which is the same one I use in my own life and with my clients. And I want to offer you my support by sharing that plan with you on a FREE 45-minute call.

I believe balance is possible for every mom – and if you want it, I'm here to offer my support.