A Few Words on Claiming Your "Superpowers"

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Yesterday, my oldest daughter woke up with two feet firmly planted in the land of make believe. Wearing a pink cape and a mask, she informed me that she was a superhero, then proceeded to bounce and leap and “fly” around the house.

Her behavior was pretty par for the course for your average 5 year old. But I found myself feeling curious enough to interrupt her playtime to ask What’s your super power?

Without missing a beat, she told me making rainbows like it was the most normal skill in the world. 

Interesting, I thought. Then I asked her Do you want to know what mine is?

Now I get that I can’t make rainbows or fly or disappear. I get that I’m not a superhero – or even a supermom for that matter. (I shed any claims to that title long ago.) BUT I’ve also taken the time to get to know myself better these past few years. And through that work, I’ve uncovered the "superpowers" that make me uniquely suited to both raise my daughters and coach and mentor moms like you.

I believe you have your own set of superpowers too. (And when I’m not talking to my 5 year old, I’d refer to your superpowers as strengths or skills.) But I also know that you might not be able to see or lay claim to your talents just yet. Because honestly, it feels a lot more comfortable to focus on your so-called flaws and weaknesses than it does to acknowledge your unique skills and strengths. 

This might not seem like a big deal in the context of creating a balanced life that allows you to give to your family, give to meaningful work and give to yourself. But in the work arena, it’s a challenge you ABSOLUTELY have to overcome. Here’s why: if you don’t know what you’re good at, it’s hard to figure out which path you should pursue beyond motherhood. And if you’re not working from your distinctive skills and strengths, you won’t enjoy yourself as much or feel like the time you spend away from your kids is worth it. So the work part of the equation will most certainly feel out of balance.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that I can help you overcome this challenge because my superpower happens to be helping other people find theirs. Whether I’m working with you to help you figure out what you’re good at or are helping you pivot in your career, my greatest asset as a coach is my ability to help you uncover your talents and gifts – including the ones you don’t even know you have.

If you’re the least bit curious about what this work looks like, I invite you to join me on a FREE 45 minute clarity call to experience it. I’d love the chance to help you uncover and explore your own superpowers and see how you can use them in your life.

To believing your time is now,


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