What My Balanced Life Really Looks Like

Yesterday, I woke up before the sun to sneak in a run. Then I jumped in the shower while my girls practiced somersaults in my bedroom. We hit the coffee shop for breakfast and had a playground date with friends. We ate a snack-y lunch in the car because they needed to eat and I didn't do a good job planning ahead. Our afternoon was a blur of work and play and soon it was time for dinner, bath and bedtime stories. Then I fit in another hour of work and a little reading before bed.
That’s what balance looked like for me yesterday.
I’m sharing this peek into my real life with you because I want to be open about what my life really looks like. And I want to have a conversation about what I mean when I talk about living a balanced life – and what I don’t.
I often get asked how I juggle it all – the kids, the husband with the demanding job, the business, the self care – and can still claim I’m living a balanced life. My answer is simple: my definition of balance is probably different than yours.
Many people define balance as giving equal time and attention to different areas of their life. So, a lot of moms go through life thinking they won't achieve balance if they aren’t giving equal time and energy to their families, their work and/or themselves.
My definition of a balanced life is different – and it’s more realistic for busy moms like you to achieve. That’s because I only think you need to do one thing to find a better balance. And that thing is to start living a more intentional life.

I realize, though, that being intentional is both a simple and challenging thing to do.

So I want to give you somewhere to start. First, you have to determine which things you want to spend your time and energy on, and which ones you don't. Some people call these priorities, some people call them values. I say, call them whatever you want. But make sure you're clear on what they are so you can consciously give your time and energy to those things.

If you do that, your life will start to feel more balanced even when you aren't giving equal time and energy to every area of your life. It will start to feel balanced even when by all appearances it should feel chaotic. And it will start to feel balanced even on the days when you're really, really busy.
My greatest desire is to help women like you create balance for yourself by living a life of intention as a mom and as a woman doing her own thing in the world. But since I know it's easier said than done, I want you to know you have my absolute support in creating this life for yourself. 
To believing your time is now,

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