How To Go From Busy To Balanced

A few weeks ago, a woman told me she thought balance was a myth for busy moms like her. She didn’t think it was possible to be a present mom, to do meaningful work and to take care of herself. She thought she had to choose one thing or the other because it was impossible to conceive that she could give her time and energy to her family, her career and herself.

I wasn’t surprised to hear her say this because I have frequent conversations about balance and know many people think it's a myth. But I'm not one of them because I'm living a big, beautiful, balanced life right now as a hands-on mom, as an entrepreneur doing work I love and as a woman who is committed to my self care.

Because of this, I know that when you get clear on what you want and what your priorities are, it is possible to find your version of balance as a busy mom.

I also know that if I can do it, you can too.

So today, I’m inviting you to discover what's possible for you in my new 6 week 1x1 coaching experience, Finding a Better Balance. I designed it to help busy moms like you learn how to prioritize yourself and create a more balanced life.

Now I bet you’re already questioning if balance is possible for you. Or maybe you're thinking that prioritizing you would mean choosing yourself over your family (and that would make you a "bad mom"). You're not alone. These feelings are normal, and I’ve had them too.

But if what you really want is to be a present mom, do meaningful work in the world and practice great self care, you need to know this is NOT an impossible dream. And I'm offering you an opportunity right now to get support and make it a real possibility in your life.

Yes, it takes work to find a better balance for yourself but it's worth it. I know this because I’ve experienced this shift personally and I’ve helped my clients create balance in their lives as well. And now I want to help you do the same.

If you're ready to learn more about how we'd do that, click here for details.

And if you’re reading this message and are feeling a mixture of excitement and fear, pay attention to that because it’s usually a sign you’re onto something. So if you have even the tiniest feeling that this coaching experience could be the solution you’re looking for, I encourage you to check it out now.

I can’t wait to connect with you and support you in taking your next steps toward living a more balanced life.

To believing your time is now,