Your Time CAN Be Your Own


Last month, I was driving around running some errand or another with my girls when I told my oldest daughter that we still needed to have our date for the month. (We go out on a fun “just us” date once a month.) But then I said this month is so busy though, I don’t know how we’re going to make that happen.


Just put it on the calendar, she said.


Kids can be so wise, even when they’re only 5 years old.


I know you might think calendars and schedules are restrictive, like diets or budgets. Or maybe you’ve tried to create and stick to a schedule before and don’t feel like they work for you at this busy stage in your life.


But if you’re willing to try a different approach to time management, I’ll show you how it will help you ditch the stress and overwhelm and spend more time doing the things you love to do. Because that's what finding a better balance is all about.


The time management approach I use – and the one I want to share with you today – is called a priority focused calendar. The biggest difference to using this approach to schedule your weeks is the starting point.


Usually, we fill up our calendars with all of our to dos, then scramble to find time for the things, people and activities we value most in the tiny pockets of time we have left. A priority focused calendar takes the opposite approach. First, you’re going to back up a step and identify your top five priorities in life. Then you’re going to block out time in your calendar for those priorities before you fill it up with all the shoulds, obligations and to dos.


I manage my time (and help my clients manage theirs) using this approach because I know how easy it is to let those to dos monopolize your calendar. And when that’s the case, you won’t have quality time left to spend on the things and people you truly want to prioritize – the things that will help you create and live your bold, balanced life.


But when you make a practice of first committing to your priorities (things like your health or family time or your business), your focus in life will shift toward balance and purpose and personal growth. And I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re here.


That said, I know you’re probably wondering how you’re going to prioritize fun and purposeful things in your life and still do the everyday stuff that needs doing. So instead of just telling you about this approach, I want to show you how to make this kind of schedule work for you without neglecting the rest of your life.


To watch my free video training 6 Steps to Better Time Management – Even if You Think Schedules Don’t Work CLICK HERE.


I’m beyond excited to share this approach with you because I know personally how useful it is to create a schedule that feels balanced and that allows me to meet my needs and obligations. This schedule shows me that there’s plenty of time for my work, myself, my family and for those daily to dos too.


But most importantly, it ensures that the commitments I make – like that monthly date with my daughter – really do happen because they’re a priority in my life and those things are reflected on my calendar every day.


I know this training is going to change how you look at your time – and help you put your time to better use. When you’re done watching the training video, please reach out with questions or comments about this approach and let me know how it’s working in your life.


To believing your time is now,




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