Defining Success on Your Terms

Around this time of year, entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to get pretty wrapped up in making our plans for the upcoming year. We purchase pretty planners. We write out goals. We pick our word for the year. We set intentions and celebrate a fresh start.

Then we start taking action. And we often take action without pausing to consider if the success we’re chasing is what we really, truly want or if we’ve just picked goals based on what other people say we need to achieve to claim success in our business. (Like, say, hitting that elusive 6-figure mark.)

You might very well define success in the same way other people do. But you won’t know whether or not the more mainstream or popular definitions of success are in alignment with your true desires if you don’t take the time to ask yourself. So this year, before you start working toward any goals, I encourage you to pause and ask yourself: What does success really look like and feel like to me? 

Because here’s the thing: your definition of success should be just that…YOURS. 

For some people, success looks having the financial stability to leave their day job to pursue entrepreneurship full time. For others, success means creating a business model that provides location independence. Other entrepreneurs are seeking time freedom, the kind that allows them to run a small, profitable business that pays the bills and provides them with plenty of leisure time or time to spend with their family. And, yes, for others, success will be measured in profit or in the number of people they reach. 

Each one of these measures of success is valid – you just need to know what you want yours to be. Then, you need to make sure that the goals you’re setting this year reflect your version of success, not someone else’s. 

So answer the question. Figure out your definition of success and then revisit your resolutions and goals. Make sure they’re in alignment with what you really want; if they aren’t, change them until they are so you’ll have the chance to experience success on your terms this year. 

All my best,