are you curious if I practice what I preach?

If you've been wondering if I walk my talk with this whole simplicity in business thing, the answer is yes, absolutely

That's because I really believe that growth stems from simplicity – and I've seen it work time and time again for myself, and my clients too.

I also know that growing my business by embracing simplicity lets me be the kind of entrepreneur I want to be. Choosing simplicity means I get to have freedom and fulfillment in my work. I get to have space in my schedule to practice self-care, not be a slave to the hustle mentality. And I can decide to kick off at 3 in the afternoon on weekdays so I can spend the afternoon playing in the fall sunshine with my girls.  

That kind of lifestyle isn't possible when you overcomplicate things and end up feeling confused, overworked and overwhelmed.

Right now, you're probably wondering what's the difference then? So rather than just tell you that I've learned to simplify, I'm going to share four ways I've actually done so in my business so you can steal my strategies for yourself. 

Here they are:

I focus on one thing at a time.
I used to be the queen of multitasking but now I'm clear that focusing on one thing at a time is the best productivity "hack" out there. I take this strategy a little further than just doing one task at a time though. I also use this approach with my business goals; instead of setting dozens of goals, I set just 2 to 3 goals at a time and then prioritize them so I can work on them one by one to completion before I start tackling the next one. 

I pursue progress, not perfection.
Perfectionists, take a deep breath because this strategy is totally possible for you. I know this because I'm a recovering perfectionist who used to quadruple check my work for mistakes and put in at least 50 percent more effort than any project required. As you might imagine, that overcomplicated everything and anything I worked on. Now I recognize that chasing perfection rarely works if you want to have time and energy to grow your business. So I gave myself permission to do my best work the first time around and stop trying to refine, tweak and polish it in the name of perfection. Done really is better than perfect.

I delegate daily. 
If you want to simplify your business, you can't do all the things. This lesson took me a long time to learn but has been incredibly impactful in my business because delegating has given me the kind of time freedom I need to focus on revenue-generating activities and creative projects. Yes, I still feel a little tension when I look into start outsourcing something new. I still question if I can afford it or tell myself stories about why I should just buckle down and do it myself. But I've also learned how to do a quick cost-benefit analysis on the task at hand and decide if it makes sense to delegate it to someone else. And if I've reached that step, almost always, I do.

I say no to bright, shiny objects.
You should have seen my inbox when I first started my coaching business. It was full of free guides, trainings, webinar reminders and email newsletters from experts who supposedly knew the secret to success. Some of those experts taught me valuable lessons but a lot of that stuff just distracted me. Today, I have a rule: I only sign up for freebies and trainings if I can attend them live or I know they'll help me with my current business goals. This helps me streamline the content I'm consuming and stay more focused on my own business rather than go down the shiny object rabbit hole. 

These are some of my favorite strategies to simplify my business but there are always more to uncover. So now I'd love to hear from you: what's one tool or strategy you're using right now to simplify your business?   Comment below and share your tip.

With love,


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