would you please give yourself a little credit?

It's easy to get down on yourself in this crazy entrepreneurial world. It's easy to get stuck in comparison or think that you're not far enough along. It's easy to question if you have what it takes. It's easy to wonder if you're doing the right things to make your business work.

But let me be clear: doubts like these won't serve you. They'll just keep you feeling stuck.

So today I want to invite you to give yourself a little credit for all the energy and effort you're putting into your business. Because I bet you're doing far more than you think – and if you can acknowledge the work you're doing, I know you'll find the motivation to keep going.

So please today, take a moment to pause and recognize that you are…

Doing this whole self-employed thing even when it feels hard.

Getting the foundational pieces of your business in place (even if it's taking longer than you like).

Working toward your goals each day.

Pursuing progress, not perfection.

Speaking your truth and sharing your message (even if your audience feels small right now). 

Putting your blinders on and avoiding bright, shiny distractions.

Taking the kind of simple, significant actions that will create a sustainable business.

Proving you do have what it takes by showing up to do the work day after day.

Then remind yourself that this place you're at in your business is EXACTLY where you're meant to be. 

Because even if you don't have everything put together or figured out, there's so much power in recognizing that you know enough and are doing enough to keep the ball moving forward.

As for me, I'll be right here supporting you every step along the way. And if there's something specific you need from me, I hope you'll tell me in the comments below.

With love,