getting featured on podcasts doesn’t have to be so hard

It's not surprising that trying to get featured on podcasts feels overwhelming. After all, there are about a million of them (or so it seems every time I log into iTunes). And when you're just getting started, it's hard to know what to do first. 

Plus, honestly, there just aren't many people teaching creatives and entrepreneurs how to make this process less complicated so they can land guest interviews and start using them to boost their credibility, reach a new audience and position themselves as an expert in their field.

Or at least that's what my clients are telling me. They say it's hard to figure out how to make this whole thing easier and that, most of the time, they just end up feeling stuck and overwhelmed. 

Maybe you've felt this way too?

I'll be honest: I don't think this needs to be such a daunting thing. That's because I've been able to simplify this process for myself and my clients so we can get featured on podcasts with a lot more ease. (Truly. I don't like to brag but I used this process just last week to land 2 big interviews so I know it works.) 

So, if getting featured on podcasts has been on your goal list since oh, I don't know, last January, I've got something for you that will help you cross that goal off your list before 2017 wraps up. 

No it's not a program or a course because I know we can solve this problem much faster for you. I want to offer you the chance to do a single Strategy Session designed to simplify the podcast pitching process. 

During this 75-minute call, you'll learn how to…. 

  • Identify which podcasts are the right fit for you
  • Do your research so you can impress podcast hosts with well-targeted ideas
  • Determine the parts of your story and topics you should include in your pitches (and the ones you should leave out)
  • Craft a pitch that stands out and will increase your chances of getting a yes
  • Overcome your nerves around getting featured so you can feel confident as you take this next step toward more visibility

You'll also get a week of post-call email support so I can help if you get stuck. And for this month only, I'm throwing in two bonuses that will help make this process even easier. The first is my Pre-Pitch Podcast Checklist, where I share the simple steps you need to take before you hit send on a pitch. I'm also including a copy of my Pitches That Worked Guide, which contains the word-for-word pitches I used to land guest spots on podcasts like The Strategy Hour – along with notes from me to help you see why they worked. 

These sessions are just $247 for the call and post-call email support. We'll just consider the bonuses an early holiday gift. The catch is that I only have space in my calendar to offer 3 of these sessions in November. 

If you're ready to stop talking about getting on podcasts and actually take action to make it happen, I want to hear from you today. Just send me an email at and let me know you're ready.

Because I'd love to help you simplify this process so you can start using this great visibility strategy to grow your audience and your business too.

With love,

P.S. If you're a skimmer, here's what you missed: People tell me all the time that pitching podcasts is too complicated. So I'm opening my calendar to teach 3 women how to simplify the podcast pitching process on a deep-dive Strategy Session. You'll walk away from the 75-minute session knowing which podcasts you should pitch and how to pitch them so you can increase your chances of getting a yes. Plus I'm throwing in two bonus gifts to give you more support: my Pre-Pitch Podcast Checklist and my Pitches That Worked Guide

The sessions are just $247. If you want to be the first to book one, just send me an email at and I'll get you the details today.