how to create more freedom this holiday season

As we officially head into the holiday season, plenty of entrepreneurs are talking about closing shop, taking holiday trips and enjoying scheduled time off with friends and family. 

You might hear about this kind of freedom-filled lifestyle and feel a little ping of jealousy because you too crave freedom. It is, after all, one of the reasons you opened your business and became your own boss.

But you might not be there yet – and that’s ok because you’re far closer to enjoying these kinds of freedoms than you think. It’s just that something is holding you back and, from my viewpoint, it’s probably one of two things. You’re either…

So busy doing all the things in your business to try and make it work that you don’t really feel like you can step away or stop doing those things without jeopardizing your chances of success.


Working around the clock to manage a business that’s hit its stride and are afraid if you take more than a day or two off you’ll lose the momentum that’s keeping your business growing. 

In either instance, your business doesn’t exactly leave you with time to enjoy the perks of being your own boss or the holiday season either. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there is a solution to create the freedom you desire: you just need to simplify.

When you simplify your business, you create more whitespace for yourself. It can help you find your focus and cut back on the busy work that fills up so much of your schedule. And it means you'll be implementing systems and strategies – and maybe even some support – that can help you do the work that used to keep you chained to your desk through the holidays and beyond. 

I want that for you. I want you to be able to set your own hours. I want you to have more room for life, not just work, in your days. I want you to be able to close your doors for all of December so you can take an epic European trip with your partner or just hunker down at home. And I want you to spend less time working this holiday so that you can spend more time going wine tasting with friends, baking holiday cookies with your kids, staying overnight at snowy ski lodges and so much more. 

And more than just wanting that for you, I know that freedoms like this are absolutely possible if you’re willing to simplify.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Fill in the blank: The number one freedom I want my business to create for me is ___________.

Comment below and tell me how you filled in the blank so we can start the conversation about what you could simplify in your business to get there.

With love,