with so much gratitude

It’s been an incredible year – and while I could say so many things in this final note of 2017, only one thing feels truly important. 

And that is to tell you how grateful I am for everything this year has held. 

I am grateful for a business that provides me with the means to do work I love. I am grateful that it brings me the kind of fulfillment I was always searching for in my first business but never found. I am grateful that coaching connects me with amazing women around the globe, women who are owning their gifts and finding ways to share them with the people who need them most. 

I am grateful for my clients who have truly shown up this year. I am grateful that they found a way to invest in themselves and go after their big dreams. And I am grateful because my clients have taught me so much this year. They’ve challenged me to learn new things, reminded me how important it is to walk my talk and shown me what it really looks like to do business with heart and soul. 

And last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for you. 

I am grateful that we’ve connected this year. I am grateful that you are ready and willing to explore new ideas – like the big one I’ve introduced you to this year that growth stems from simplicity. I’m grateful that you’re here engaging and exploring what it looks like to simplify your business so you can experience more fulfillment and freedom in your life and more growth in your business too. 

And I’m grateful that you show up day in and day out to build a business that suits your lifestyle – and that you’re letting me play a part in that. It is the ultimate gift.

And now I'd love to hear from you.  Comment below and tell me one thing you’re grateful for in 2017 and one thing you’re working toward in your business in 2018.

Much love and happy holidays,