Why You Need to Just Start

It’s hard to believe it but February is already here, which means you’re probably taking a moment to reflect on what you accomplished in January – and what you didn’t.

That latter piece is what I want to talk to you about today because I know that you’re a high achieving woman who wears a lot of hats in your business. And that means you don’t always get around to the big projects you put on your goal list at the beginning of the month.

I also know that you have your reasons as to why you didn’t get to your big project – and they’re probably good ones. Maybe you didn’t have the resources ready. Maybe you got distracted by your day-to-day business tasks. Maybe your kids had a week of snow days last month and you just ran out of time. (Raising my hand here.) Or maybe your mind was playing tricks on you and told you that you just weren’t ready so you put your project on pause.

It happens to the best of us. But today I don’t want to spend time talking about why you didn’t get to that project you intended to complete last month. I’m more interested in helping you prevent a repeat performance because I don’t want March to arrive and have you say I just didn’t get to that important project again.

So today, on this first day of February, you’re going to just start. You’re going to take one step forward toward your project. You’re going to begin anywhere and, quite honestly, it doesn’t really matter where you dive in.

Here’s why I’m asking you to give this approach a try: In the abstract, big projects (also known as “key initiatives” in entrepreneur speak) can feel daunting and challenging. You might think you need to carve out an abundance of time or resources to get started on them. Or maybe you think you need more support or that you need to learn an entirely new skill to pull them off. So instead of getting started, you let fear and overwhelm take over and put the projects off for another month (or two or five).

But when you take that one small step to put your project into play, you’ll see that it isn’t, well, so big after all. You’ll see that it’s actually something you can manage if you break it down into bite-size steps. You’ll see that it’s doable – and you’ll see that you are capable of completing it this month

The action you take will be unique to your project and, again, it doesn’t really matter where you start. What matters is that you actually start somewhere. But if you’re still feeling stuck because you’re wondering what that first step of your project should be, here are a few suggestions to get you moving. You could:

  • Set up a brainstorming meeting with your team/assistant/partner/etc. about the project
  • Create a survey to send to your audience asking for feedback about the project.
  • Give the project a name.
  • Write a rough draft of the copy you’ll need for the project.
  • Select the design scheme, color palate or typography for the project.

Whatever you choose, I suggest starting with a step that excites you so you’ll feel motivated to continue working on the project. If you love design but don’t really enjoy writing, start with the visual elements of your project, not the copy. If naming things paralyzes you but you love brainstorming sessions with your team, book that team meeting today. You get the idea.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What project have you put on the backburner that you are ready to commit to this month? And what action will you take today so you can just start? Share it in the comments below and let me know – if nothing else, it will provide a little accountability boost for you this month.

With love,