The Two Things You Need to Know About Your Target Market

You've heard all about creating an ideal client avatar, right? 
If not, I'll fill you in quickly. The ideal client (or customer avatar) exercise is all about creating a fictional character that represents your ideal prospect. Many coaches and entrepreneurs say you should create an avatar so you know who you're for (and who you're not for), which helps with everything from content creation to marketing. 
But I've never been totally sold that creating a fictional character will get you the results you want – and I know you might be wondering the same thing.
Yes, there's value in doing the ideal client exercise because it gets you thinking like your potential client. But I also see people get too focused on the minute details of this exercise. The thing I always wonder is this: will knowing things like how old your client is or what they like to eat for breakfast really help you sell to them?
Sometimes, the answer is yes. But often, you really only need to know two things about your prospective clients to communicate why they'd want to buy your products or services. You just need to know this:
What's their problem – and how do you solve it? 
When I work with my clients on their content, messaging, positioning and marketing, we focus on answering these questions first. Because whether you're laying the foundation for a new business or are pivoting in a more established one, the answers to these questions will help you communicate with potential clients in a way that converts. 
That's because your ideal client cares more about the results you can get them than they care about anything else.
So you don't actually need to know that your ideal client loves to travel or that they drive a Mini Cooper. You need to know what their problem is and show them how you can help solve that problem.
As you think about this, I want to invite you to pause for a moment. Take a break from your inbox or from crossing items off your to-do list to spend some time working through these two questions.
They really do matter – and I'd love to hear what you come up so please share what you discover in the comments below.

With love,