I think it's time for a pep talk

I see you there putting in the heart and hustle to build your brand. I see you listening to all the podcasts and reading all the business books and taking all the online courses as you search for the secret to success. I see you asking yourself if it’s worth it to put so much time and energy into your business.

And I see you in those scary moments when you wonder if this thing you’re building is actually going to help you make the money and have the time freedom you desire in your life.

I’d say it’s time for a pep talk. Because when you’re hustling with all your heart and facing fear and self-doubt, this is what you need to know:

You didn’t make a mistake when you decided to become self-employed.

You will not always feel stuck. You will find your niche, your people, your core message, your flow.

Your business is worth the time and energy you put into it because the work you do matters.

You are not failing – you are a work in progress.

It’s ok if you aren’t an overnight success. (Few people can say they were.)

You’re not a bad businesswoman – and you can learn everything you need to know to run a profitable business, even if you’re a right-brained creative.

You do have what it takes.

Finally, I want you to know that you are closer than you think you are to reaching your business goals – even if they feel impossible to you.

In fact, it’s likely that you just need to change a few things to make more money in your business and experience more time freedom in your life.

So if you feel stuck or alone or are full of doubt, know that I’m here waiting to lend you a hand. After all, I get everything you’re feeling and everything you’re going through because I’ve been right where you are. So if you want to talk, let’s find a time.

After all, a pep talk is nice but it’s no substitute for the deep conversation full of actionable advice that I would love to offer you.

With love,