What if You Only Needed to Focus on ONE Thing to Grow Your Business?

Raise your hand if you tried to do all the things possible to grow your business last month. (I’m talking about posting on social media, asking for referrals, adding a new revenue stream, seeking out collaborations, engaging in Facebook groups, pitching guest blog posts, attending networking events or some combination of all of the above.)

Now raise your hand if you know which one of those strategies worked best to get results.

If you don’t know which strategy is working best for you, you aren’t alone. Many busy creatives and entrepreneurs get caught up in trying all the latest strategies and never pause to determine which ones get them the best results.

Nor do they give themselves permission to stop doing all the things and instead focus solely on the actions that will truly help them grow their business.

I’m giving you permission to do just that today because you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice if you’re trying out too many strategies at once. After all, doing a mediocre job at many things is rarely as effective as focusing on one growth-oriented action at a time.

What I’m telling you here is that the secret to growth in your business is not to do more. It's Simplifying Your Strategy - Which Happens to Be My Thing as a Coach for Creatives and Entrepreneurs.

To get to a place where you can simplify, however, you first need to know what activities you should focus on. So today, take 10 minutes and look at the results you got last month. (Results to you may mean income, clients, traffic, sales, exposure…you get the idea.) Then consider all the actions you took to get those results and ask yourself which one converted best.

That one thing is what you should spend the majority of your time and energy doing this month.

To make this a little more tangible for you, let me give you an example. Let’s say Lauren, a certified yoga instructor, is doing this exercise. To grow her private practice last month, Lauren led 2 workshops at a neighborhood studio, ran an ad in a local magazine and posted daily on Instagram. She got 4 new 1:1 clients during that time, and when she looked at her results she realized that 3 of those clients came through her workshops.

To repeat her success this month – and accelerate her growth – Lauren doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. She just needs to keep doing what’s already working for her by engaging with potential 1:1 clients in group settings.

That means Lauren could focus on doing more workshops or on presenting the same workshop in new spaces. She could teach more group classes or try offering an in-office class for a local business during their lunch hour. Her goal is to spend as much face-to-face time with people as possible because that strategy converts better for her than any social media or advertising does.

Can you uncover a successful growth strategy in your business? If you can’t figure out what’s working best for you, let’s set up a time to talk on a free discovery call. Together, we will uncover which efforts lead to the biggest impact for you so you can simply your growth strategy and have even more success this month.

With love,