Your creative career is totally legit


Have you ever thought that the work you do isn’t a “real” job?
I hear this often from creatives and entrepreneurs in my community. They’ll tell me about their business and then, in the same breath, admit that it feels less serious than the traditional jobs their partners and peers have. They’ll say they’re not as legit as the people they know who have “real” professions with regular paychecks. 
What they don’t see is that this way of thinking is doing their business a disservice. Because the truth is that if you don’t think your work is real or important, you will always treat it like a hobby.
And I don’t think you’re in this to run a hobby business that just provides you with an outlet for your passions and a tiny bit of profit. I think you want to do work that fulfills you and make money that helps pay for more than your daily latte habit.
So let’s start treating your work like a real business by letting go of the beliefs that are holding you back.
In order to let your limiting beliefs go, you first need to clear them out of your head. I recommend writing down all the limiting thoughts you have about your work. (Here’s a few I’ve heard recently, for example: Artists can’t make a good living. I don’t have a real job. Creatives aren’t professionals. I’m just running a hobby business.) Don’t judge yourself for thinking any of these thoughts – just get them down on paper so you can look at them more objectively.   
Then, read each thought and ask yourself Is this thought really true? (And by true what I really mean is this: is the thought a fact you could prove in a court of law?)
Roughly 99 percent of the time, your thoughts aren’t going to be true – even if they feel true to you. That might seem confusing and frustrating at first but this is good news because it means you have a choice: you can keep buying into your limiting thoughts or you can let them go.
If you decide to keep believing that you don’t have a real job, that your work is just a hobby or that it’s somehow less legitimate or important than other careers, you’ll continue to hold yourself back.
But if you can let those limiting beliefs go, you’ll remove obstacles and start creating space to entertain some new thoughts – thoughts that will help you treat your business like a real job. Thoughts that will help you acknowledge the importance of your work. Thoughts that will make you feel like a real boss, and get serious about building your business too. 
The question you’re probably asking right now is how do I let those beliefs go? My honest answer is that it’s hard work because trying to argue against your own deep-rooted beliefs about your work is like trying to reason with an indignant toddler. In other words, it’s very hard to win the battle between you and your own beliefs. 
That’s why support is crucial here.
So know if you want to go at it alone, it's hard but doable with a lot of effort and time. But if you want support in this area, I’d love to connect with you and walk you through the process I use with my clients to help them let their limiting beliefs go. 
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