how to stop being a "yes girl"

When I first started my coaching business, I have to admit: I was a “yes girl”.

I said yes to every opportunity.

I said yes to joining every free training or challenge or webinar or networking group that crossed my path.

I said yes to every person who wanted to connect or collaborate.

And on and on.

As you might imagine, I quickly found myself feeling like I didn’t have enough time to do anything but the day to day tasks in my business.

But I did have the time. The problem was I was giving it away to all those commitments I was making. And if I wanted to grow, I knew I needed more time to dedicate to things that would propel my business forward not just help me hold steady where I was.

That’s when I realized that every time I said yes to an opportunity or training or person who wanted to connect, I was essentially saying no to myself. Because the time I’d spend on that opportunity prevented me from getting to the things I really needed to be doing to help my business grow.

So I learned to say no.

Sometimes I quantify my no to help someone understand the reasoning behind it. Sometimes I’ll say “no for now” when the timing just isn’t right. And sometimes “no” stands as a complete sentence because I’ve given myself permission to use it without explanation and without defending myself.

I’m clear that I’m saying no to give me more time for the important things in my business, and sometimes that’s reason enough.

That said, I didn’t go from being a “yes girl” to saying no with ease overnight – and I certainly don’t expect you to adopt this strategy right away. It’s a bit more nuanced than that, which is why I also want to give you a stepping stone to lean on as you start learning how and when to say no.

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