no, you do not have to blog

Back when I was a freelance writer, blogging was very much in its heyday. Everyone and anyone had one because the rapidly growing platform allowed you to build an audience and – in the biggest success stories – parlay that popularity right into a book deal or lucrative writing gig.

So you can imagine that I got a lot of raised eyebrows back then when I told people I was a writer and no, I didn’t have a blog.

Sure, I understood the appeal of blogging and even saw the potential with the platform. But after trying to blog for a hot minute, I decided that, ultimately, it wasn’t the right fit for my particular business.

I know it's not always that easy to decide whether or not to blog. In fact, many of my clients are struggling to figure out whether or not they should blog and, if so, what it should look like. They frequently ask me questions like…


Should I have a blog?

Do I need a blog?

Do I have to write a blog?

Is it the right time to start a blog?


My answer is almost always it depends because I don’t believe blogging is for everyone or that every business can benefit from having a blog. That’s why it’s important to weigh the decision before you jump right in. (The same can be said for those of you who already have a blog; if you’re not too keen on it or lack consistency with it, it pays to pause and make sure it’s still the right thing for you to keep doing.)

Here’s how I view it: Having a blog makes sense when there’s a purpose behind it and when it provides an opportunity to make progress toward your goals. If, for example, you want to grow your audience or showcase your products or provide free content to start building credibility online, blogging could help you.

But it isn’t the only way you can create and share content so you also need to determine if blogging feels like a good fit for you. Do you enjoy writing? Do you have content you’re dying to share? Does the idea of blogging feel exciting or fill you with dread?

If you can honestly say there’s a purpose behind your blog and that you also enjoy the process, then blogging is likely a good fit for you. (This is why I decided to blog in my current business; it made sense with my goals and it suited my interests and strengths as a writer and coach.)

That said, if you’re just blogging because you think you should, take a page from the playbook I used in my first business and forget about blogging. Then give yourself permission to find a better platform to share your amazing content with the world.

With love,