my secrets to simplifying your social media

At least once a week, someone asks me how they can make the whole social media thing less stressful and more manageable – and boy, do I get it. Between the Facebook posts and the pins and the tweets and the Instagram stories, it's easy to feel like you're stretched too thin as you try to keep up with it all. 
I also hear you when you say that your content strategy on social media feels chaotic at worst and haphazard at best because most of the time you're just throwing up posts at the last minute and hoping they engage the right people. 
Now I'll be honest: I'm not a social media expert. So if you're expecting me to talk about algorithms or creating Instagram pods, you're going to be disappointed. 
But if you want to simplify your social media strategy so it doesn't take up so much of your time and brain space each day, I'm your gal. 
In fact, today I'm going to share three specific strategies I use in my business to make social media more manageable. Here they are, in no particular order:
1. Focus on two platforms.
You do not have to be everywhere. In fact, at the start, it's probably better if you're not. I believe focusing on just two platforms – and doing them really well – is far better than doing a mediocre job posting and engaging on all the platforms. So go ahead and pick your two favorite platforms, ideally the ones that allow you to use your talents (i.e. if you're a great photographer, choose Instagram and if you're amazing on video, go live on Facebook). Then take the time to master those two platforms before you ever consider adding a third.
2. Give your content a little framework.
Coming up with original, inspiring posts and images every day of the week is a truly hard task – especially when you're starting with a blank slate. The solution: create a loose framework for your content so you don't have to start over from scratch each day but can still exercise your creativity. What do I mean by framework? One example is that you could assign a content category to each day of the week but allow yourself freedom to share different messages about that content category on any given day. You could also decide ahead of time what type of posts you put up each day. So you might always share a quote on Mondays and introduce yourself every Friday but do it in a different way each week.
3. Pick a tool – and stick with it.
There are so many tools that can help you with social media from project management sites like Asana and Trello to design sites like Canva to scheduling tools like Buffer and Meet Edgar. None of them will be the perfect solution for all your needs so your best bet is to pick one and stick with it. That way you won't waste time bouncing around from solution to solution trying to find the perfect fit. 
Last but not least, cut yourself a little slack. Remember that you don't have to be perfect, and neither does your social strategy. If you post something that doesn't engage people like you'd hoped it would or forget to post entirely or need to do a social media detox for the weekend, that's ok too. 
With love,