the ONE thing you need to do to reach your goals this month

If you’re like most creatives and entrepreneurs, the start of a new month means it’s time to set new goals. So you turn over a fresh page in your planner and write down a goal you’d like to focus on this month.

Then you go about business as usual. Maybe you occasionally think about that goal or set aside a few minutes to work toward it. But it’s not necessarily top of mind, which is why you don’t always achieve it.

I want you to experience something different this month. I want you to reach your goal. So let’s start here: name your goal. Put it in your planner. Write it on your white board or chalkboard or plop it into your project manager.

Then ask yourself this question: what’s one action I could take this month to make achieving my goal inevitable?

The action will be different for everyone but it should be something you can repeat daily or weekly that will virtually guarantee your success. If you need a little guidance, here are a few examples of goals and actions someone might take to make achieving their goal a sure thing.


Goal: Get a guest blog published on a popular platform.

Repeated Action: Pitch 8 guest blog posts to different platforms this month.


Goal: Finish my web site.

Repeated Action: Work on my site for 1 hour each day.


Goal: Get 3 new clients this month.

Repeated Action: Talk with 4 new people who might be potential clients or a good source of client referrals each week.


Now that you have the details nailed down, you need to decide if you are really willing to commit to taking that action day in and day out (or week in and week out). Because you have to commit for this process to work.

If you’re committed, you’re ready . So go ahead and calendar the repeated action you’re going to take this month and get started right away.

Much love,