how to get the big stuff done

I belong to a small mastermind group of lovely, whip-smart women who recently asked me how do you get so many projects done in your business?

I get asked this question a lot (and I say this humbly because this was not always the case!) So I wanted to share my response with you today because I know you too might be searching for a secret that will help you be more productive with the bigger projects in your business. 

So here it is: I focus on one big goal or project at a time, and keep focusing on it until it’s done. 

This is an incredibly simple practice, and very effective too. BUT it isn’t easy to do. Because in reality, keeping that singular focus - that eye on the prize - is much harder than it sounds. 

That’s because every day, you’re working against distractions like...

those frequent alerts on your phone

the social media rabbit hole

household tasks and chores

your friend who calls in the middle of the day

your inbox that needs organizing

And then there is the biggest distraction of all: the many, many other projects and ideas you have. The ones that appear so bright and shiny. The ones that feel urgent the moment you even think about putting them on pause to focus all your energy on one thing.

The way I see it, you have two choices. You can give in to distractions and try to work on many ideas at once, reducing your productivity. Or you can pick one project to focus on, commit to it and - here’s the most important part - keep committing to it and working toward it day in and day out until it’s done. 

If you can do that, productivity is well within your reach.

With love,


P.S. The big project I focused on these past two weeks was creating a webinar on Getting Ready to Get Featured for the Rising Tide Society. You can catch the replay here