my secret to creating content with ease

As a creative or entrepreneur with an online presence, you have to create a lot of content each week. You need content for your blog or videos or podcast. You need content to post on social media. And you often need content for other platforms too (think Facebook groups and other people’s blogs). 
Whether you’re already creating all that content or just aspire to do so, it can feel like a huge and stressful undertaking. BUT it doesn’t have to be. 
That’s why I want to tell you my secret to creating content with more ease. And I’ll give you a hint: I’m not going to tell you about systems or spreadsheets or content calendars today. (Those are conversations for another time.)
Not surprisingly, my secret is pretty simple: I do what works for me.
Take, for example, this newsletter, which I send to you each week. To create ease around this weekly task in my business, I’ve established a process that makes writing this newsletter feel fluid and fun. The actual process looks like this:
1. Brainstorm ideas + lean into the one that feels the most relevant or exciting to write about. (This usually happens while I’m on my morning run.)
2. Write a rough draft of the newsletter for that week by hand. (My ideas flow best when I’m writing with pen and paper, not typing.)
3. Type up the rough draft on my computer, making changes as I go.
4. Set the draft aside to get some distance from my writing. (Sometimes I just need a ten minute break and sometimes I let it sit for a few hours.) 
5. Return to my computer to polish the newsletter so I can send it off to my amazing online business manager, who sends it out to you.
This is the process that works for me so I set up my schedule each week to accommodate it. And I do the same thing for other types of content I create in my business.
That doesn’t mean, however, that this is how you should go about creating your newsletter or any content really. What I’m inviting you to do today is figure out how you can create content in a way that feels fluid and fun for you. 
I want you to think about the length of time you need to create content and block it out in your calendar.
I want you to think about the environment that will best support your content creation. (Is it a coffee shop or your home office or maybe even your couch?)
I want you to think about the tools you need to create content with ease. (For me, I have to have a pen and paper.)
Then map out your own process based on these things. Try that process out this week and see how it feels in practice. Then make tweaks until it feels like the right one for you to repeat week after week or day after day as you create content for your business. 
If you do that, you will find that you can create your content with a lot more ease.
Now I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what works for your content creation? Leave a comment below and let me know.
With love,