visibility starts with self worth

I can tell you how to get visible. I can teach you the steps. I can show you the strategies and I can help you figure out which one is the right one for you to use. 
But the truth is that you will have a hard time executing any steps or strategies if you don’t believe you have something valuable to say or share first.
Because in the end, visibility starts with self worth.
In order to get visible, you have to be clear on your value, and you have to be sold on yourself. You have to believe that you have something to say or share or offer. If you don’t, that little voice inside you will always pipe up to say why should I bother?
If you’ve been struggling with getting visible – even though you know how to go about it – it’s time to shift your focus to what’s going on in your head. That means you need to address your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, then get clear on all that you have to offer so you can get visible with more ease. 
I bet you’re wondering how.

 First, we’re going to start by uncovering the thoughts that are holding you back. To do that, grab a blank sheet of paper (or open a blank document on your computer) and set a timer for 5 minutes. Then do a brain dump. Allow yourself to write freely and list all the thoughts that come up when you think about getting visible. Your thoughts will be unique to you but they usually sound something like this:
I’m not smart enough.
I’m not attractive enough.
I don’t have anything valuable to say.
I’m an imposter.
I’m not ready.
Now ask yourself: Are these thoughts true? If you aren’t absolutely certain they are true, there’s room to question them – essentially disproving them to make room for some new beliefs. 
That’s where step 2 comes in – and yes we’re going to make another list.
This time I want you to get another piece of paper (or word doc) ready and set a timer for 10 minutes. Then make a list that includes all the things that make you valuable as a person and business owner. Include all of your accomplishments, your unique skills, your strengths and your talents. 
A lot of people get stuck here because it’s easier to detail our flaws than it is to celebrate our strengths. So if you’re struggling to write this second list, here are a few questions to help you uncover what makes you so great:
What do people often praise you for?
What do people frequently thank you for?
What do people often ask for your help with? 
What do people repeatedly ask you for advice about?
What comes easy to you that other people struggle with?
What have you achieved in your life or business in the last month? The last year? The last 5 years?
At this point, you should have two lists: one filled with doubts and one filled with things that make you great. Things that show you your value. Things that remind you of all that you have achieved and all that you have to offer. 
Place those lists side by side. Then recognize that you get to choose which set of thoughts you believe. You can continue focusing on your fears and doubts, in which case you’ll probably keep having trouble getting visible. Or, you can lean into the list of your accomplishments, acknowledge that you have something of value to share and take the steps to get visible from a place of self worth.
I hope you choose the second option because I know you have something to share. The thing is, I’m not the one you have to convince. But I’m confident that if you do the work to get sold on yourself and your value, you will start getting visible with a lot more ease.

With love,
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