what kombucha did for my business

Last week, my friend and fellow creative Lauren Carnes sent out an amazing newsletter talking about how rompers defined her brand. 

Her point was this: we all need to share personal details in our brands because they serve as connection points for potential customers, clients and fans to engage with us.

I couldn't agree more - and I personally love using this simple strategy to build that all important know, like and trust factor with your audience. 

But I also believe that you have to use this strategy right for it to be effective, which means you can't just go around sharing the same personal details that everyone else is sharing.

In other words, please, please don't be vanilla. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see creatives make when they're sharing personal details in their content is that they post the same old highlight reel everyone else is using. They say things like they work in their PJs or love messy buns or fuel their days with bottomless cups of coffee. 

These things might very well be true about you (the PJ part certainly is for me sometimes) but they aren't really original. They aren't enough to make someone stop long enough to engage with you or your brand. 

So before you start sharing personal details in your content, ask yourself are these things memorable enough to stand out?

If not, let's dig a little deeper. When I'm helping a client uncover personal details to use in their bio or about page or social media posts, I ask them tons of questions. Here are six specific ones you can ask yourself if you don't know what personal details you should share or where you should start:

1. Among your family and friends, what is one thing you're known for loving or doing?

2. How do you like to start and end each day?

3. What is one thing someone would never guess about you?

4. What's your current obsession (could be a food, a show, a color, a place)?

5. If you had to spend all your time doing one thing, what would that one thing be?

6. What's your secret hobby or biggest quirk?


Once you've answered these questions, look at your answers and pull out a few interesting things that you can use in your content starting right now. 

Like Lauren, I know your efforts here will pay off. That's because I've seen this strategy work in my own business when, about a year ago, I started talking about how I can't make it through the day without a kombucha (and how coffee is not my thing). 

This one little detail has led to loads of connections, to better engagement on social media and to emails from prospective clients, who've turned into actual clients after that initial kombucha connection. Best of all, it's unique to me and totally true.

So go ahead, give it a try. And if you're feeling stuck or doubtful about what you should share, comment below and let me know. I'd love to chat with you about this simple strategy for better engagement.

With love,


P.S. Deciding which personal details to share with your audience is one lesson I talk about in my All Eyes On You Course, which is designed to help your business get ready to get featured in 5 simple steps. To learn more about the course, CLICK HERE.