these three tools will save you tons of time

When you're dedicated to running a business that's profitable and that provides you with plenty of freedom, your most precious resource is usually time. That's why clients often ask me how they can save more time while tackling to-dos in their business – and why I'm sharing the tools I always give them with you today.

So here are the 3 main tools I use to streamline my to-dos and simplify the day-to-day tasks in my business.

Acuity Scheduling
In the early days of my business, I used to spend big chunks of time sending emails back and forth setting up calls with clients, prospective clients, collaborators and more. Having an online appointment scheduler like Acuity has eliminated the time I used to spend trying to find a date to connect; now I set my available hours on my online calendar and send the link to clients and potential clients so they can find a time to chat that works for them. It's an empowering way for everyone to book calls with ease and a big time-saver too.

When it comes to finding a project management tool or customer relationship management software, your options are vast. Trello is the online task management tool that works best for me. (I especially love that it's free.) I think of it like a virtual bulletin board where I can store and organize all the tasks, resources, checklists, workflows and links I regularly use in my business. I also create a private Trello board for every client I work with so we can house all of our communication in one easily accessed place. Because honestly, nothing kills more time than searching through your inbox looking for an email from a client that you just can't seem to locate.

I review a lot of content for my clients – sales pages, launch copy, email newsletters and more. Typing up notes about the content and changes I think they should make was once a huge time suck in my business. And even though I enjoyed the work, I knew I could do it more efficiently. Enter Loom, a one-click video recorder that helps me communicate my edits quickly through free video recordings. I most often use it to record my screen while I walk clients through a web site audit or a copy review but you can also use it to record videos of yourself or to capture you and your screen simultaneously. (I've even used it to send clients a pep talk or two!) The basic version of this recorder is free so it's priced perfectly for emerging entrepreneurs.

Now I'd love to hear from you because I'm always looking for new time-saving resources to share with this community. So comment below and tell me, what is the best tool you rely on to save you time in your business?

With love,

P.S. In full disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links, meaning that if you decide to sign up, I'll receive a small perk (at no additional expense to you).