how to grow your business by doing less

I know you've heard that you have to hustle to reach success. That you have to do all the things, wear all the hats and work round the clock to make your business profitable. That you need to be visible on all the platforms and attend all the networking events and take all the trainings and courses if you want your business to work. 
That isn't the message you'll get from me. 
Because I believe that growth stems from simplicity – and I know that you won't get better results by doing all the things. The real way to make your business work is to stop overcomplicating things and instead embrace a simpler, more focused approach to building it day after day.
Now I know that's not as flashy as some of methods you've heard about. But I think you care less about that than you do about finding a strategy that works to grow a sustainable business that supports your lifestyle.

That's why I want to introduce you to Anna.

When Anna and I started working together, she had a loose vision for her brand and content coaching business. But she wasn't yet clear on her message or her offers and hadn't figured out where (or how) she'd find the clients she needed to make the money she desired. 
Anna could have tried dozens of things to grow her business and attract more clients. Instead, we simplified. We set clear, specific goals to guide the work she was doing day to day and then focused on doing those things really well. We ignored everything else – including any bright, shiny distractions that didn't match up with Anna's main goals.
For Anna, this was key. "Instead of getting bogged down in small, un-essential tasks, I was always coming back to bigger goals and taking steps toward them. That was very clarifying and simplifying for me."
It also allowed Anna to build her business by doing less. 
That doesn't, however, mean that she didn't do any work – far from it in fact. During our coaching partnership, Anna was incredibly productive. She…

  • Revised her web site and copy to brand her as a content coach and better represent the work she wants to be known for.
  • Nailed down an elevator pitch that firmly communicates her expertise and the value of her services.
  • Created a suite of signature coaching packages that are priced right for her audience and her revenue goals.
  • Learned my 1:1 Method for creating leads and clients and started booking clients from outside her personal network.
  • Streamlined her workflows and onboarding process to make her look like a total professional.
  • Eliminated time-sucking tasks so she could spend more time on revenue-generating activities or fun life stuff.
  • Got her blog up and running with on-brand content to generate more leads.

And, perhaps most impressively, Anna was able to exceed her income goals each month while working part time. That's because she didn't waste time trying to do all the things or use fancy tactics or tools or marketing methods to generate new leads or sign clients. She took the simpler path to success.

Anna's results speak for themselves – and I know you can get similar ones if you're willing to adopt a more simplified approach to building your business. And if trying to simplify feels overwhelming, I hope you know that you don't have to do it alone. 
I currently have 2 openings for 1:1 clients. If you're ready to learn how you can experience more growth by simplifying, let's connect on a FREE Discovery Call.
We'll spend our time talking about your business and goals so you can see how taking a simplified approach to building your business could work for you – and how we'd make that happen. 
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